6 Steps To Improve Your IT Security

One of the hottest topics across the globe right now is IT Security. So, what exactly is IT Security and how does this affect you and your Business?

IT Security is how your business networks, computers systems, servers, PC’s, Programs and most importantly, Data are protected against malicious attacks, theft, destruction or unauthorized access. This is not solely confined to attacks across the internet, these attacks can also be localized and can involve physical theft or compromise of hardware and data assets.

Where do we start?

There are a number of key items (listed below) that can be implemented which will greatly improve your company’s IT Security which will, in turn, decrease your risk of data breach, ransomware attacks, and potential data loss. There is no silver bullet but the 6 points outlined below will most certainly be a good starting point and a foundation to build further layers of security upon. The Intuity support team are experts in this area and will introduce you to specific tools which will fit your business needs perfectly.

6 quick and easy steps:

1. Backups 

Make sure you have a reliable, fully functional backup process in place that can be easily and regularly monitored.

2. Disable Local Admin rights

This is the most important piece of advice in this article as it will best protect you from Malware / Ransomware executing. (More on this in a coming blog)

3. Firewall

Make sure you have a Hardware Firewall in place and activated.

4. Passwords

Change regularly and ensure they are complex. Crucial advice for all staff members from the top down – more on this in the next blog.

5. Antivirus / Antimalware / Anti Ransomware

Have an up to date Security Endpoint protection software installed on each PC or laptop within your organization. Bitdefender is an award-winning and highly effective security software and comes highly recommended by tech support.

6. Updates – Keep up to date!

Keep all your Windows-based Operating systems and software up to date, always apply critical updates and run regular updates every “Patch Tuesday” if possible.

Security Essentials

Our new Security Essentials Stack provides choice, protection, and peace of mind for all business owners regardless of size or budget.

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