A low cost alternative to the interactive whiteboard for the Classroom or the Office

A low cost alternative to interactive whiteboards is proving popular among schools that have not made the transition to interactive technology.

Ultra short throw projectors and low cost whiteboard perform the same function at less than a third of the price

In the past, you needed a projector and an interactive whiteboard to create an interactive environment. Now, make almost any wall interactive with short throw interactive projector.

Interactive whiteboards allow teachers to present classes using digital content from a computer displayed on a purpose-built whiteboard, and to save any annotations or comments, which the teacher may write on the presentation. These can then be distributed to students later, either electronically via email or an interactive website, or by the old-fashioned way of printing out hard copies.

Although many schools realise the benefits of using interactive presentations, the cost is a major inhibitor, as is the need to train teachers unfamiliar with such technology.

Typically a standalone interactive whiteboard can cost about €6,000, while we can provide an alternative that performs the same function for about €1,600.

Ultra short throw projectors can be placed as close as 18 inches from the surface onto which they project an image.  Unlike standard projectors, this has the advantage of not causing glare while shining into the teacher’s eyes and the teacher is less likely to obstruct the image by standing in front of the projector while writing on the board.

The stylus interacts with the projector, and through that, with the host computer on which the presentation is running, so that any notes made on the whiteboard can be saved digitally as would be the case with a standard interactive whiteboard.

This low cost alternative brings the benefits of interactive presentations to schools which previously would not have been able to afford such technology.

Other advantages include the savings in space that are possible and the simple fact of familiarity with existing methods of teaching, using a simple dry white marker board which many teachers may prefer.

Interactive whiteboards take up a lot of space and are particularly suited to boardrooms or large classrooms.

Our short throw projectors are the same size as a standard projector and can be placed very close to the whiteboard or whatever surface is being used as the screen.