A round-up of Cyber Security Awareness Month

In it’s 18th year, the theme was to #BeCyberSmart, and given the latest statistics, it’s easy to understand why. Phishing attacks occur every 39 seconds. 64% of companies worldwide have experienced at least one form of cyber attack, and perhaps most worryingly, 90% of all cyber attacks are caused by human error.

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How are Irish Businesses Performing?

Irish businesses are not exempt from the increasing prevalence of attacks seen worldwide. In fact, according to security specialist CWSI, we are seeing an increase in cybersecurity attacks here compared to our European counterparts.

54% of Irish companies saw a rise in breach attempts in the preceding twelve months (42% was the average across Europe).

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What can businesses do to mitigate risk?

Tackling cyber crime doesn’t start and stop in October. #CyberSecMonth stresses the need to be vigilant throughout the year.

There are many resources available to educate your employees on steps they can take to increase their awareness, understanding how not to fall prey to digital attacks. Prevention is better than cure – and it’s much more cost-effective.

Approach to IT Security

Get Equipped

With the number of cyber crime incidents on the rise, and the sophistication of these attacks growing in complexity, there has never been a better time to bolster your organisation’s defences.

Intuity provide Security Awareness Training that equips employees with the skills and knowledge to identify threats and risks before they happen. Ensuring behaviours remain consistent and maintaining a high cybersecurity awareness among your staff is critical to mitigate risk.

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A stark reminder

Cyber attacks are increasing in regularity and are not industry agnostic, Education being a particular target in 2021. The effects of a cyber-attack can be felt many months after the initial event and can identify serious flaws in the IT infrastructure of an organization.

The most telling example is the HSE attack earlier in the year, which illustrated the inferior technology used for many complex procedures which has now become a significant bottleneck given their wide use and adoption.

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