What is ITIL?

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. 

In summary it is a framework to allow IT Service providers align IT Services with the needs of businesses. In essence ITIL is a framework designed to be applied both internally and externally to benefit a business and its clients. It encourages consistency and continual improvement.

ITIL has evolved over 30 years and ITIL v4 has been released just recently.  It is not prescriptive and has moved to focus more on outcomes, risks, costs and value.  All key factors in achieving success in business today and important considerations in all our decision making.

With technology changing so rapidly and most businesses today in some phase of a digital transformation, the ITIL Framework provides a blueprint and guidelines for businesses along the way.

ITIL @ Intuity Technologies

As part of Intuity Technologies’ focus on improving our Service Delivery and Client Service, we have embarked on this project to align our existing processes and functions to those mapped out within ITIL.

For the Intuity team, it allows us to focus on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our service offerings to better support our clients in this fast-paced world.

Intuity are beginning our implementation of ITIL with the following three projects :

  • Service Incident
  • Event Management
  • Service Request Management Processes


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