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Automatic Photocopier maintenance


Take control with a new photocopier service concept.

Wouldn’t it be good if your photocopiers did not break down?

We can offer you the chance to take control.

Canon e-Maintenance allows you to take complete control of  your Canon photocopiers, whilst simultaneously reducing administration burdens, increasing uptime for your printers and photocopiers and helping you to optimise the productivity of your Canon multifunction printers.

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Your administration loads are heavy.

People or departments are duplicating work.

Little information is available about usage of your photocopiers.

Toner consumables are running out before being re-ordered and you have to manually collect photocopier/printer counter meter readings.

The Remote Diagnostic System(RDS) of Canon e-Maintenance alerts your photocopier service provider by email when; a photocopier develops a fault, before a fault develops, or when an photocopier meets predetermined conditions, for instance – number of paper jams within a specified number of copies or printed pages and when toner stock runs below a minimum level.

Your service provider will have intelligent information and send the right engineer for the job, with the right tools and parts. You get faster, more accurate service, increased uptime, better productivity and happier users.

Canon e-Maintenance gives you and your photocopier service provider all the information you need about all your connected Canon photocopiers online in real time.

It provides you with proactive and automatic information about your Canon photocopiers including; automatic collation of error statistics, automatic performance/usage reports for individual photocopiers delivered via web browser to you and your service provider; precise status, workload and usage patterns for each photocopier with minimal administration; and usage peaks and how/when the photocopier is used.

Canon e-Maintenance provides all the information you need to know about your Canon photocopiers – consumables management, it can warn you when you need to order toner, order what you need just in time, no overstocking, no running out at a crucial time.

From a computer network security point of view, there is a usual email program with an attachment to communicate with your photocopier service provider. Only photocopier data is transmitted. Outbound communication only and the information is encrypted.

Automatic reporting. Computer network administrators do not need to physically read meter counters, send cards and correct errors. Canon e-Maintenance offers 100% guaranteed accuracy of meter readings and the billing is always accurate.

Cost saving – no dedicated person needed to collect counter readings, reduced toner stocks, ease of service contract administration(invoicing) and it eases the burden of internal information technology resources.

So you have faster service request, real time online. This means a reduced need to pick up the phone to your service provider.

Toner consumables arrive as you need them. There is proactive service as problems can be predicted. You are always working with accurate up-to-date information. Most of all, it frees up time to focus on what’s important

To find out more about Canon e-Maintenance, please call us now on 1890 987 900