Technology plays an intrinsic role in the healthcare sector today with the MedTech industry in a constant state of growth and development.

Innovation in this sector is crucial to sustaining health and ultimately life. Because both technology and innovation are so important here it goes without saying that the supporting technologies used in delivering this innovation are vital to the success and growth of individual companies and MedTech start-ups.

Ireland has emerged as one of the world’s top five medical technology hubs over the last 20 years with thirteen of the top 15 global MedTech companies having bases here. Ireland is now the second largest exporter of high tech medical products in the EU.

The team at Intuity have worked with many medtech companies over the last 2 decades and our relationship with many of them began with the organisation consisting of 1-5 staff and growing. A key part of our work with these companies is helping them plan for their growth and working with them on an IT Strategy which will take them through the exciting preliminary stages to arrive at the next one ready to push forward at full capacity.

Our engineers know this industry. They understand the complexities of the field, the demands of the business and the very strict compliance and regulatory constraints within which their organisations must perform.

Ultimately, they understand the cost to your business if your plant or your team experience downtime – it is our goal to keep our clients supported and prepared always to ensure such events are very rare.

Our business solutions and professional services teams also work with many of our MedTech clients in helping them navigate these challenging waters and guiding them through the important technological housekeeping which is vital to success and longevity in this sector.

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