Protecting your Data Online

In today’s world, it is almost impossible not to have some level of personal data online, even if we choose to avoid social media, from booking holidays to using email, most of us have an online presence of some level and uploading your data online in some shape or form is almost inevitable. Rather than […]

The Green Office

As individuals, our level of environmental awareness proves important for many reasons; it fosters a sense of respect for the natural world we live in, promotes sustainable development and encourages conservation of irreplaceable natural resources and vulnerable plant and animal species. When it comes to ways in which we as individuals can make a difference, […]

Secure Managed Print – Why Your Business Needs IT

For many business owners and managers, improvements in workforce productivity and reduction in print-related costs are what come to mind when speaking about managed print services.   But managed printing has much more to offer your business and the improvement in security is a major benefit.     The Importance of Securing your Printers   […]

Choosing the right MPS partner for your business

There is a great choice of print suppliers open to businesses these days. But this is, by no means, an indication that choosing an MPS company is easy. Regardless of the vast amount of choice, always keep in mind: You need to work with the right managed print services provider to ensure that your company’s […]

Managed Print Services: The Complete Guide for SMEs in Ireland

When considering investing in Managed Print Services it is important to understand exactly what this is and to consider how it could really benefit your business. What is Managed Print Services? The most common definition of managed print services is a service focused on managing a company’s printer fleet. However, this definition can be deceptive […]

The Great Hack

What is The Great Hack? The Great Hack is a two-hour documentary released by Netflix that follows the stories of several people involved in, affected by, and connected to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The long and the short of it was this: Big data company meddles with elections by influencing voters on Facebook using highly-targeted […]

What is Phishing?

“It is the fool who thinks he cannot be fooled” Joey Skaggs. A quick internet search for a definition of Phishing  will return: “the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.” To elaborate the definition […]

Is your personal data your wealth?

It has been 15 years since the beginning of Facebook and the launch of Gmail, two giants that epitomise the “data economy” we live in today. We are no strangers to the fact that mountains of data are collected about us as we use online products and services – this is just the hidden cost […]

Keeping your business information secure

Data in all its manifestations is fast becoming the most important asset a business owns. So, protecting this data is a driver for most businesses today and protecting it in its print form is crucial for the successful day to day running of the modern workplace. If data loss is a concern to you and […]

IT Security for SME’s

The cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly changing. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to compromise your organisation’s network and data. According to a study by Trend Micro, approximately 3.5 cyber attacks occur every second. These attacks are not limited to larger organisations. Cybercriminals are not picky about their victims, and all too often it […]

Keeping in tune with the Experts

In order to stay at the top of our game, we need to be in the game, at the game, all over the game! Our latest fact-finding mission took the Intuity Security Team to the global Infosec Europe Conference in Olympia, London in June. Infosecurity Europe is the sourcing and knowledge hub for Europe’s information […]

Vulnerability Assessments – What are they and why do we need them?

A Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is a process which enables us to identify, define, classify and prioritise vulnerabilities in a businesses’ virtual and physical IT systems, applications and network infrastructures. Put simply, an Intuity Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is an expert review of external and internal IT Systems. This is usually carried out by two of our […]

4 Great Tips for Managing Your Printing Costs

A key part of running your business is to manage costs and keep your admin and overhead expenses down. If you have high overhead, it can quickly eat up revenue that would have been profit. One common expense that all business have to manage is printing costs. Thankfully, there are many ways to make your […]

Business After Hours – June 2019

An evening of nostalgia, networking and new technologies Last night at Innovation House the Intuity team were delighted to welcome clients, friends, neighbours and peers to Intuity Technologies HQ for the final Galway Chamber Business After Hours event of the season. Guests were greeted by CEO of Intuity Technologies, Gerry Cox and President of the […]

Inside the mind of a cybercriminal

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War The best way to protect ourselves from any kind of criminal is to know how they operate. When travelling to Barcelona, which is famous for its pickpockets, it is wise to […]

The Impact of Office Space on Your Team’s Performance

The desire to create and maintain a high-performance culture is common to all business leaders. Key to achieving a high performing workplace is employee engagement. However, one ingredient which is easy to overlook is your work environment’s physical space. There are many studies such as Gensler’s Workplace Index which explores the relationship between the physical […]

Windows 7 – The End is Nigh!

“The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.” Bill Clinton As of January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. This will mean that computers still running this operating system will become a security risk on your network. […]

The Steps Challenge – WTF?

Intuity Technologies staff took part in a company-wide Steps Challenge recently. The idea was that staff would be divided into random groups of 4 or 5 members and over a 5 week period, our aim to add up all our steps to try to make it from Galway to China. The ‘WTF’ reference refers to […]

GDPR – One Year On

May 25th, 2019 marks the one-year anniversary of the EU’s most substantial piece of data privacy legislation, the GDPR. Have we all become more conscious of our data protection practices by implementing privacy by design? Or have we ticked a box by presenting a privacy and cookies policy on our website in the hope that […]

Growing Intuity

Over the last number of weeks we were delighted to welcome new team members Rachel White and Ann Marie O’Shaughnessy as Business Development Executives in our Galway and Dublin Offices. Engineer, John Russell has joined the helpdesk and as part of our ongoing partnership with current and former students of IT Sligo we have Mohammed […]

Intuity event with Connacht Rugby

“Amplify your Business with High Performance” This morning, Intuity Technologies and Connacht Rugby hosted a breakfast briefing for local businesses entitled “Amplify your Business with High Performance”. The event featured motivational presentations from both Intuity and Connacht Rugby focusing on how to improve and intensify the success of the business through technology and people. David […]

Big News as Office Technology joins Intuity Technologies

Great News at Intuity! Intuity Technologies, a leading ISO 27001 certified technology company, today announced its acquisition of Office Technology Limited, Riverview Business Park, Dublin 12, a dedicated Managed Print Services company. With a recruitment drive currently underway, the company plans to significantly increase the existing workforce of 67 in the coming months. Together, Intuity […]

Intuity Technologies unveiled as Connacht Rugby IT Systems and Security Partner

Following on from all of the good news and winning performances coming from Connacht Rugby recently, Intuity Technologies are proud to be announced as the Connacht Rugby IT Systems and Security Partner of choice. The technology company, headquartered in Galway with offices in Dublin and Carrick on Shannon will provide Managed IT support, IT & data security […]

The Subscription Economy

We now live in a Subscription Economy. It was announced recently that Microsoft earnings from their Office365 online subscription-based-offerings had surpassed their more traditional “Box Copy”.  Microsoft’s gamble would seem to have paid off and begs the question – is the subscription economy here to stay? So, what is the Subscription Economy?  And what does it mean for […]

GDPR : Compliance & IT Security

In May 2018 all personal data processing businesses operating in the EU must, by law, be compliant with the GDPR. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure on organisations to get their houses in order before the deadline, but this, in turn, is creating considerable debate and confusion. Does GDPR make us IT Secure? There is […]

Company Culture + IT Security?

Have you considered IT Security? When you identified and articulated your organisational culture– way back when – did your IT Security come into the mix? Did you think about the security of your data, your employee’s data, the data you would collect from and hold for your clients? Was the way that your employees behaved online a consideration? […]

Everyone Works in IT

In the past, the biggest security threat to a company was “Did someone lock the gate at home time?” As business and technologies have changed the traditional “home time” checks have changed too. Modern business hours are 24×7, always open, meaning the gate never gets locked. This brings with it a new set of challenges […]

IT Security & The Internal Audit

The Internal Audit & Your IT Security Usual conversation openers can be, where do you work or what do you do? If you work for the Revenue or are an Auditor, you are safe enough in the knowledge that the conversation just initiated will probably end quite quickly. Internal Audit will struggle to stand up […]

IT Security – The Next Level

Want To Take Your IT Security Further? Your IT Security In the last 3 weeks, I have discussed the most immediate, easily accessible and effective actions one can take to improve one’s IT security and that of your organisation. These simple steps, tips and pieces of advice will most definitely improve your IT security – but what if you wish […]

Protect Your Passwords

Your IT Security With Ransomware hitting the headlines again – we are going to take this blog post right back to the simplest changes we can all make to help improve our personal and professional security: Passwords. Passwords literally affect everyone From children on snapchat and other online games and apps to CEO’s of multinational organisations. These […]

Disable Local Admin Rights

If You Do One Thing! What is IT Security? As mentioned in last week’s IT Security Blog, there is no silver bullet for the huge global issue that is Cyber Crime today. One of the 6 key steps we outlined was the need to disable local admin rights. We consider this to be the most important […]

Guest Blog : Cloud Accounting – Worthwhile Disruption

Our guest blog this week is from Alan Shaughnessy, Partner at DFS & CO. Accountants who are partnering with us for our forthcoming “Go Digital “ event in The Clayton Hotel on May 9th.  I read regularly that robots or AI whichever way you prefer to call the advancements in digital technology over the last number of years are […]

Digital Transfo – WHAT?

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.” Rupert Murdoch For more than a year, the term Digital Transformation has been dominating my social media feeds, or “Echo Chamber” as it has become known since the US election last year. I work almost […]

CRM Is Built Not Bought

Increasingly at Intuity, our customers are beginning to look at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a strategic investment to develop their competitive edge. The Dynamics 365 cloud offering from Microsoft makes it quicker and more affordable for smaller businesses to break into systemised relationship management. One of the key mistakes that companies make in implementing CRM is […]

Ransomware Recommendations

There has been a significant increase in ransomware attacks globally in recent times. With the WannaCry attack in May the increase in attention paid to cyber crime has compelled many to upgrade their IT Security Solutions and now with the latest ransomware, Petya spreading across the world this urgency is further compounded. So, What Is […]

Work Life Balance – What It Means To Me

Work, Life Balance – this is not a new concept or the hottest topic today, however, it never loses relevance with time. It affects us all in different ways and like Marmite – we either “buy in” to the idea or we simply don’t. So what is it all about? In my opinion, Work Life, […]

Internal Audit – What Does It All Mean?

As an organisation that embarked on attaining an International Standard on Data Security in 2011 we have become very familiar with the term “Internal Audit”. What does this mean? For us, like many of the customers we serve in the various markets we operate, it means having one of our own staff becoming an expert in driving the […]

The Intuity Guide To Straight Talking

When ice cube and tec support merged to form Intuity, one of the first things we did was to share information, and not just that which you would expect in the normal course of business, but the soft and deep and “getting to the bones of it” type of information. It was through this rather fun process that […]

CPD Is The Route To Survival Today

CPD can mean a lot of things to a lot of people – especially if you’re from Chicago, Cincinnati or Cleveland and you’ve had to call the local law enforcement. The debate is ongoing around the “value of CPD” or Continuing Professional Development. Everyone has an opinion as to just how worthwhile it is to […]

Where Is The Cloud Going For SME’s?

In my role as Sales Manager with Intuity, I regularly meet with companies who are in the process of upgrading their servers or looking at their future IT strategy. One of the most common questions I get asked is: “Can we now run everything in the cloud?”. Nowadays we are surrounded by so much talk about […]

Why Performance Management Matters

Performance Management is one of the most important processes that can be developed to deliver regular tangible returns on investment that I have encountered in business. This process works across all sectors and is also relevant in sports and I personally enjoy employing it weekly with our local soccer club and the teams that I help […]

6 Steps To Improve Your IT Security

One of the hottest topics across the globe right now is IT Security. So, what exactly is IT Security and how does this affect you and your Business? IT Security is how your business networks, computers systems, servers, PC’s, Programs and most importantly, Data are protected against malicious attacks, theft, destruction or unauthorized access. This is […]

4 Key Factors for Hiring in ICT

In the world of ICT, there have been many infamous quotes such as Thomas Watson, President of IBM in 1943 who said: “I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers”. These inaccurate quotes were not all in the days before television, 34 years later in 1977, Ken Olsen who founded Digital Equipment […]

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Back Up Today!

Today is world backup day and back up is a topic that is very close to our hearts in Intuity Technologies. Never before has this issue been more topical or important for business and in my role as a sales manager with Intuity I work with our technical team to ensure we find the best solution […]

Intuity Launch And Announce 100 New Jobs And Further Expansion

Two Galway technology companies, ice cube and tec support, both Intuity Technologies Companies, announced their planned expansion to include the creation of up to 100 new jobs. Part of this expansion includes strategic acquisitions and planned growth at national and international level, the most immediate impact is the opening of a third office in early […]