ICE Auction

ICE Auction is a fully integrated auction management system for the livestock mart industry. It has evolved over almost thirty years of change and development in the Irish Livestock market and has grown to become the preferred system among Irish Mart owners.

For marts, the ICE Auction team provide a comprehensive solution, with full livestock recording, display systems and invoicing facilities. We provide a full consultancy, implementation, training, maintenance and support service to our clients. We are extremely experienced and industry focused and have a strong reputation for delivering a reliable, personal and committed service which is why over 75% of the Irish livestock industry choose our system.

ICE Auction has the ability to track all livestock as it enters the sale area through an automatic morning entry at tag entry stage and then moves through the auction rings before leaving the sale area. In addition to tracking livestock, the system also has the ability to calculate commission and VAT for all buyer invoices and seller cheques and post all pertinent accounting information to your accounting system.

One of our customers’ favourite things about our system is the various tools we offer to make life that little bit easier:

ICE Auction Displays

The team at Intuity quickly identified the limitation in the existing system which only facilitated single lots and negotiated an advanced offering with ICBF to ensure that our leading Mart Software, ICE Auction can facilitate the multi-lot capability. The ICE Auction displays are designed to meet the highest standards and as well as offering customers this unique multiple lot capability, comes with a number of added benefits such as:

  • Calf registered
  • Multiple Breeds
  • Number of owners

This is a wonderful opportunity for marts to add to their existing infrastructure and introduce a whole new level of presentation to their day to day business. To speak with an account manager today call 091-429000.

Centralised System

ICE Auction allows marts with more than one location have a centralised system which:

  • Enables a centralised debtors ledger
  • Sets pre-defined credit limits for clients centrally
  • Centralised management and printing of financial reports and payments

Bank Transfers

More and more marts are now paying sellers by bank transfer for a number of reasons:

  • Increased savings for the mart – a minimum of €1.30 per transaction.
  • Greater convenience for customers
  • Increased efficiency and flexibility for marts

Handheld Mobile Tablet

The ICE Auction mobile tablet allows floor staff to:

  • Access information in real-time in the yard and at the pens
  • Look up animals using Lot Numbers, or last four digits of Tag Numbers
  • See Lot Number, Tag Number, Seller, Buyer, Weight, Price for all Lots without needing to go to the office
  • Enter Lots in the Morning Entry

The System Also Supports

  • Full EID capability
  • Printing of LOT numbers
  • LCD Screens & Projectors for Canteen and Sale Ring

To find out more about how the various tools in ICE Auction can make your life easier, call or email us today.

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