IT Consultancy

While the technical team at  Intuity offer a range of Managed IT, Security and Cloud based services, we have found that from time to time, our customers require some strategic assistance in addition to operational support.

We have several senior consultants with a wealth of experience across a range of customer type, industry sector and technical applications. This expertise and experience can be accessed by our clients on a consultancy basis.

Our Approach

We take a partnership approach to our business, aiming to build long term relationships with our customers, providing outstanding support and an extensive range of trusted technology solutions.

This partnership approach enables us co-create value for their organisation, which allows us better understand the business requirement clearly before we begin to design technical solutions.

At Intuity we believe in a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach.  We generally work with fixed budgets, looking for cost effective future proof solutions which deliver value for money to our customers. We aim to phase projects and investment to ensure the technical solution continues to meet the evolving needs of a business as it grows.

What we do

Project Management

A good project manager has many qualities; a diplomat, a leader, a motivator, a communicator, a collaborator but most importantly has the trust and confidence of the team and the people around them.

Projects can often be measured as a reflection of change within an organisation. Projects drive transformation, be it business or IT and despite the strategic importance of projects for an organisation they typically get done whilst the day to day business happens.

There are two key benefits we believe an external project manager brings:

  1.  The organisation can continue to focus on its day to day objectives whilst a dedicated resource balances the competing demands of Time, Money and People to ensure a successful project outcome.
  2. Having a professional with extensive expertise can help avoid the many pitfalls which result in such high project failures for organisations.

IT Vulnerability Assessment and Network Scan

Know your vulnerabilities to minimise your risk!

Conducting an IT Vulnerability Assessment is a very good way to identify any potential weaknesses within your network as well as a means of demonstrating compliance with the regulation.

Art. 32 of the GDPR focuses on the security of processing.

Organisations are required to take appropriate organisational and technical measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk associated with the processing of personal information and the impact of a possible data breach, taking into account the cost associated with implementation and benefits relative to that implementation.

Art. 32 (1)(d) specifies a process for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organisational measures for ensuring the security of processing.

Our Vulnerability Assessment Report details the following:

  • Software flaws
  • Malware and botnets configuration auditing
  • Physical, virtual and cloud coverage
  • Vulnerability scanning

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