Large wide format printer in an office

Buying Wide Format Printers in Dublin

Here at Intuity Technologies, we understand that different businesses need wide format printers for different reasons. Some use it to reproduce fine art and photographs for galleries; others need it to print marketing materials such as posters, banners and outdoor signages. Those in the home and construction industry utilise it to produce blueprints, building plan and other technical documents.

We also recognise that even people or companies from the same industry have differing requirements. For example, a photographer who specialises in black and white photos only needs a black and white large format printer. Meanwhile, a photographer who takes coloured photos requires a colour printer capable of producing vibrant images.

Suffice it to say, different entities have different requirements in terms of quality, size, ink, speed and budget, amongst others. This is why Intuity Technologies offers an extensive selection of wide format printers from trusted brands such as Canon

Canon Wide Format Printers at Intuity Technologies

Our line of Canon large format printers alone includes over a dozen models. These printers from the Canon imagePROGRAF (IPF) series were designed with quality, flexibility and speed in mind. These state-of-the-art devices produce high quality prints at an exceptional speed.

Furthermore, they come in different sizes, ranging from 17” for the 5 series to 60” for the 9 series. It’s also worth mentioning that, over the years, Canon has endeavoured to manufacture lightweight wide format printers with compact design. Hence, transporting and storing them shouldn’t be much of a worry for businesses, especially those with limited office space.

What’s even amazing is that there is a Canon imagePROGRAF for every type of application. For example, the Canon IPF9100 is specially designed for printing fine art and photographs. With its 12-colour LUCIA pigment system, outputs have rich and accurate colours. There is also the IPF755 for CAD and GIS printing. This model is equipped with the technology to produce prints with fine details and precise text at the fastest speed.

Clearly, with its range of IPF products, Canon certainly has a printer model that’s going to satisfy your large format printing requirements.

Why Get Your Wide Format Printers from Intuity Technologies

Having an extensive selection of wide format printers is not the only thing we can offer you. We also have highly trained sales specialists who can help you choose the best printer model for your needs.

We know that picking the right large format printer can be overwhelming with the countless options available. This is why we’ve trained our sales specialist to make the selection process simpler for clients like you. Expect them to make recommendations based on your requirements. You can also count on them to properly and thoroughly discuss our products with you.

We can also help you get the printer you need even if you do not have the huge upfront money needed to buy one. How? You can lease large format printers instead of purchasing one. When you lease, you pay a fixed amount per month or quarter. Hence, it’s so much easier on the pocket. So, if your budget does not permit you to buy a large format printer, fret not because you can lease one from us.

Lastly, we have excellent after-sales service. If your equipment bogs down, you can expect us to repair it immediately. Our response time is around 4 hours. We also offer both online and offline customer support. You can chat with our technician or even better, talk to him on the phone. You can also count on us to regularly monitor the condition of your device. Doing this is the best way to prevent technical problems from happening.