Troubleshooting a Canon photocopier

Canon Copiers Troubleshooting

Companies spend one to three percent of their revenue on copier related activities. Choosing the right company to manage print costs is important. Canon Ireland is an excellent choice. The company provides the following troubleshooting advice.

Canon has a support area on its website for both home and work copiers. Select the appropriate tab to locate support content to help troubleshoot problems for your Canon copier. Solutions and advice for your Canon copier are provided. By clicking on your product, you will be given access to the latest downloads that include manuals, firmware, software, and drivers. Frequently Asked Questions can be viewed. Important announcements about your Canon copier will be posted.

Error Codes

Error codes or messages are sometimes displayed on the copier. If this occurs, view the page on the website that explains error codes or message. Troubleshooting advice to help resolve the problem will be given.

Serial Number

The serial number is important information to have when acquiring email, telephone, or repair centre support. The location of the serial number is the back side of a copier or the outside of the box used for packaging. Labels with serial numbers should not be removed. It is a good idea to write down the serial number and place it somewhere for safe keeping.

Paper Handling

Paper handling gives user the most trouble when using any copier. Be sure the paper size being put into the copier is supported by the machine. Copiers accept a wide range of sizes. The paper type used must also be supported by the copier. Plain paper, heavy paper, rough paper, transparencies, labels, and envelopes can all be fed into the copier. The paper capacity may be different for each type.

Paper jams can be avoided by not using paper that is wrinkled, creased, curled, or rolled. Torn or damp paper should not be used. Very thin paper or, paper from a thermal transfer printer, is not good for a copier. Glossy paper, very smooth paper, and highly textured paper do not print very well.

Oil stains, lint, and dust should not be on the paper. Paper should be kept in the original package and stored in a place that is cool and dry until ready for use. The storage surface should be flat.

Replacing Toner Cartridge Precautions

Illustrations for using the copier and replacing the toner cartridge are very useful when performing these tasks. There are some tips for replacing the toner cartridge that should be heeded. Evenly distribute the toner inside the cartridge by shaking approximately six times gently. Use caution when lifting the scanning platform to insert the cartridge and when setting the cartridge in the machine. Forcefully trying to perform these functions can cause damage to the machine.

Used toner cartridges should not be disposed of with the use of open flame. The remaining toner can ignite and cause burns or more fire. Toner on hands or clothing should be washed immediately with cold water. Using warm water causes the toner to set and is hard to remove when it does.

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