Canon e-Copy Scan to Cloud is now available with Canon Office Printers, Canon Photocopiers, Document Management

It provides you with powerful document scanning capabilities by directly connecting Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE office printer devices to cloud-based services and applications.

Canon e-Copy Scan to Cloud is now available with Canon Office Printers,

Nuance eCopy Scan-to-Cloud connects Canon multi-function printer devices(MFDs) to Google Docs,, Evernote and Other Cloud Services.

This new Addition to Nuance eCopy scanning portfolio is now available in all Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE multi-function printer devices(MFDs).

It is cloud-enabled software that provides organizations with powerful document scanning capabilities by directly connecting Canon image RUNNER ADVANCE devices to cloud-based services and applications.

It leverages the Nuance OmniPage Cloud service, a hosted optical character recognition (OCR) service that converts scanned paper documents into editable word processing, spreadsheet and searchable PDF documents.

The powerful combination of multi-function printer device(MFD) applications – eCopy Scan-to-Cloud and Microsoft Azure-hosted OmniPage Cloud service – makes it an ideal solution for both small-to-medium businesses and enterprise departments, as additional server software is not required to be installed at the customer’s premises.

With eCopy Scan-to-Cloud, you can now seamlessly scan paper documents into Word and spreadsheet attachments via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP) email, and send editable documents directly to their Google Docs,, and Evernote accounts.

Cloud computing has rapidly evolved from delivering popular Web services to a platform that enables the delivery of powerful applications to desktops, smart phones, tablets and, now, multifunction printer devices.

Canon’s partnership with Nuance makes cloud computing more relevant for organizations using intelligent multi-function printer devices(MFDs) such as the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE series.

Users will experience increased productivity and efficiency with the direct scan-to-cloud capabilities via Nuance cloud services.

Nuance eCopy Scan-to-Cloud delivers the benefits of cloud computing to Canon multi-function printer devices(MFDs) in the same way that applications leverage the cloud on smart phones.

With eCopy Scan-to-Cloud, users interact with the Canon Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform(MEAP) touch-screen on the MFD to connect to Nuance’s hosted cloud services – including the OmniPage Cloud service.

With the Opticial Character Recognition(OCR), you do not need to retype pages of text or numbers from paper into hosted services. You can directly scan and instantly search for, edit and share fully-formatted documents.

In addition, eCopy Scan-to-Cloud also provides connectivity to email and public cloud services that do not typically have built-in capabilities to capture, digitize and index paper-based information.

Canon is delivering significant productivity value to customers with eCopy Scan-to-Cloud, particularly for smaller organizations and departments where Information Technology(IT) resources are limited.

Nuance’s partnership with Canon in developing this revolutionary multifunction printer device software shows that customers can benefit from cloud applications for their multi-function printer devices(MFDs) too.

This will help you transition to cloud services by allowing you to easily scan documents to the top 9 cloud-based document repositories including Microsoft SharePoint, Googledocs, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office 365.

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Barry Daly