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We are industry leaders and experts in delivering Managed IT and Business Technology Solutions. We delight in making a difference by improving the security, efficiency and profitability of our clients’ companies. Our people are our greatest strength. We have assembled a strong, passionate and determined team who always put the customer first. We strive to be better and encourage those who match that ambition to join the team.

What our team have to say

🌟 About: Sarah’s journey at Intuity began in April 2023 – since then she has become an unwavering pillar within Intuity. As the Head of People & Culture, Sarah orchestrates a harmonious workplace, one initiative at a time.

🚀 Role Highlights: Sarah listens to the heartbeat of Intuity’s workforce. From onboarding to retirement, every employee’s story matters. Shaping Intuity’s DNA—where innovation meets empathy. Guiding teams through organisational shifts, like a compass in a digital storm.

🎯 Key Responsibilities: Sarah ignites employee motivation and cultivates their potential through targeted training, engaging workshops, and well-designed incentives.  Intuity’s obsession with talent development fuels Sarah’s fire. It’s not just about hiring; it’s about nurturing, a performance review becomes a growth opportunity.

Why Intuity: It’s the people—their quirks, dreams, and resilience.

If you need career guidance or a dash of workplace magic, connect with Sarah and she’ll greet you with a smile and a listening ear.🤝💼

Sarah McCarthy

Head of People & Culture

🌟 About: Stephen is a seasoned professional with an impressive 16-year tenure at Intuity. His unwavering commitment and adaptability have allowed him to thrive in various roles within the company. Currently serving as the Service Desk Manager, Stephen combines technical expertise with a passion for customer satisfaction.

🚀 Role Highlights: Stephen thrives on pioneering IT solutions, he’s always exploring what’s next. His ability to untangle complex issues is akin to crafting intricate patterns in a digital tapestry. Stephen fosters collaboration, empowering his team to tackle challenges head-on.

🎯 Key Responsibilities: Stephen manages the service desk operations, ensuring swift and effective support and safeguarding for Intuity’s clients. His hunger for knowledge drives him to explore emerging technologies and enhance service delivery. Stephen fosters collaboration, empowering his team to tackle challenges head-on.

💥 Impact at Intuity: Stephen’s dedication shapes Intuity’s trajectory, making them a trusted partner for businesses seeking IT solutions. Stephen’s journey at Intuity reflects their commitment to growth, adaptability, and customer-centricity. His leadership and enthusiasm are invaluable assets, driving Intuity toward an exciting future.

For a some tech-savvy inspiration, reach out to Stephen for a chat or a brainstorming session. His passion for innovation is contagious! 👨‍💻💡

Stephen Conroy

Service Desk Manager

🌟 About: Malcolm is the mastermind of technical precision and strategic foresight at Intuity. His mission is clear: to forge a seamless bridge between complex client needs and innovative project delivery. He is the linchpin that connects potential with necessity, transforming intricate challenges into triumphs of technology.

🚀 Role Highlights:  Molding client needs into technical solutions.  Steering projects with a blend of speed and foresight. Ensuring satisfaction is not just met, but exceeded. Malcolm’s commitment to client satisfaction is the cornerstone of his approach.

🎯 Key Responsibilities: Malcolm translates technical details into strategic action with clarity and impact. Harmonizing cross-functional teams to hit the high notes of innovation. He approaches each project with meticulous attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

💥 Impact at Intuity: Malcolm’s contributions extend beyond mere metrics; they are the narrative of Intuity’s leadership and distinction in the technological arena.

To explore the depths of technical strategy, connect with Malcolm for an insightful conversation or a collaborative session—he’s always at the ready to transform obstacles into opportunities! 🛠️💻

Malcolm Houston

Technical Pre-Sales & Project Management

🌟 About: Nadine is a passionate marketer with a penchant for creativity and data-driven strategies. Her mission? To elevate Intuity’s brand and engage customers in meaningful ways.

🚀 Role Highlights: Crafting Intuity’s brand identity with finesse. Thriving in a culture that celebrates teamwork and fueling growth through continuous development.

🎯 Key Responsibilities: Nadine builds Intuity’s story into a compelling brand narrative. She sparks conversations that resonate with customers and collaborates with tech wizards to create marketing alchemy. Nadine embraces trends faster than a quantum particle.

💥 Impact at Intuity: Nadine’s work isn’t just about strategy; it’s about shaping Intuity’s destiny.

For a splash of marketing enchantment connect with Nadine for a coffee chat or a brainstorming session—she’s always brewing fresh ideas!☕💡

Nadine Wall

Marketing Executive

🌟 About: Greg brings 2 years of dedicated service to Intuity as an Account Manager. His passion lies in cultivating enduring relationships and strategic partnerships with clients. Here’s how he shapes Intuity’s success:

🚀 Role Highlights: Greg thrives on creating lasting bonds with customers. His genuine approach fosters trust and collaboration. He offers world-class IT solutions that also shield clients from cyber threats. Greg ensures their businesses operate securely. Greg’s role isn’t just about technology; it’s about empowering clients to focus on business expansion.

🎯 Key Responsibilities: Greg champions clients’ needs, ensuring they receive top-notch service and tailored solutions. He fine-tunes workflows, making operations efficient and seamless for Intuity’s clients. Greg’s insights go beyond tech; he guides clients toward growth opportunities.

💥 Impact at Intuity: Greg’s love for his role and colleagues resonates. He believes this job and company were tailor-made for him—a sentiment that fuels Intuity’s success.

Connect with Greg for a chat about business strategies or a brainstorming session on client-centric solutions. His enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air! ☀️💡

Greg Karpakis

Senior Account Manager

🌟 About: As a Project Manager in our rapidly expanding Business Solutions Department, Declan plays a pivotal role in helping clients unlock their full business potential. Declan’s story exemplifies Intuity’s ethos—a place where passion meets opportunity, and careers flourish.

🚀 Role Highlights: Declan steers projects with precision, ensuring seamless execution and tangible results. He’s passionate about translating client needs into actionable solutions. Declan’s journey isn’t just about managing projects; it’s about empowering businesses to thrive.

🎯 Key Responsibilities: Declan orchestrates project lifecycles, from inception to successful delivery. He bridges the gap between clients and technology, fostering collaboration. Declan embraces industry trends, staying ahead of the curve.

💥 Impact at Intuity: Declan’s gratitude echoes. His journey isn’t just personal growth; it’s a testament to Intuity’s commitment to nurturing talent. He wholeheartedly recommends Intuity to anyone considering a rewarding career in IT.

Whether you’re seeking insights on project magic or simply want to chat about career aspirations, don’t hesitate to reach out to Declan. His enthusiasm and positive attitude is sure to brighten your day! ☀️ 📊

Declan Greene

Project Manager

🌟 About: Komal is an innovator at heart. As a Systems Analyst, she weaves her technical prowess with a strategic mindset.

🚀 Role Highlights: Komal crafts ingenious business strategies using Dynamics 365’s capabilities. She’s not just about systems; she’s about solving real-world challenges. When clients share their needs, Komal listens and evaluates which product would best serve their goals and then creates and develops tailored applications that supercharge efficiency and promote sustainable growth for organisations. Komal thrives in Intuity’s nurturing work environment, where her voice is heard and her contributions valued.

🎯 Key Responsibilities: Komal navigates the Dynamics 365 landscape, aligning it with organizational goals. She transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, empowering teams to make informed decisions. Komal’s dream job involves staying ahead of the curve, exploring emerging technologies that elevate Intuity’s offerings.

💥 Impact at Intuity: Komal’s role isn’t just about systems; it’s about being part of a team, where innovation and appreciation thrive.

Connect with Komal for a chat about data magic or a brainstorming session on the next big solution. Her passion for innovation awaits! 💡📈

Komal Dundappa

Systems Analyst

🌟 About: Donal’s journey at Intuity spans an impressive 20 years. Since joining in February 2004, he has been an integral part of our growth story. Donal’s journey reflects Intuity’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering diverse career paths. Here’s how Donal’s diverse roles have shaped Intuity’s success:

🚀 Role Highlights: Donal’s journey began as part of a small, dynamic team. From Application and IT Support to Sales Management, he’s been a driving force. His transition into Account Management allowed him to build lasting relationships, understanding client needs intuitively.  As Head of Sales and Marketing, Donal charted new paths, aligning Intuity with industry trends.

🎯 Key Responsibilities: Donal’s current role is all about empowering clients. He leverages his wealth of experience to guide them toward optimal technology solutions. Donal values Intuity’s culture of growth and opportunity, rewarding those who seek fresh challenges and personal development.  Donal invites aspiring tech professionals to connect with him on LinkedIn. Whether you’re curious about a career in technology or seeking advice, he’s ready to chat.

💥 Impact at Intuity: Donal embodies our ethos—a place where skills, personalities, and capabilities converge. His passion for growth continues to inspire those around him.

For insights, career discussions, or simply a friendly chat, reach out to Donal. He will greet you with his upbeat spirit and helpful nature. 🤝 🙋‍♂️

Donal Murphy

Senior Technology Solutions Advisor

🌟About: Gary has over 10 years of experience managing high-level partnerships, Gary possesses a unique understanding of the particular requirements for each industry.

🚀 Role Highlights: Gary operates on three fundamental pillars: Integrity, Responsiveness, and Accuracy. His meticulous attention to detail has resulted in an impressive portfolio of high-level clients across diverse industries. His expertise shines particularly in financial & wealth management, and he has a keen interest in comprehensive charity management. Gary approaches ICT from a business perspective, assessing where partners were, where they are now, and where they aspire to be.

🎯 Key Responsibilities: Beyond IT, Gary’s life experience equips him to consider not just the partner but also the industry landscape. He anticipates industry trends and positions Intuity to be ahead of the curve.

💥 Impact at Intuity: Gary’s holistic approach ensures that innovation and industry alignment thrive.

Connect with Gary for insightful discussions about business strategy, industry insights, and how Intuity can propel your organization forward – he’s always eager for an enthusiastic chat! 🚀💡

Gary Frehill

Senior Infrastructure Advisor

Current job vacancies

All of our open positions are listed below. If you don’t see anything that suits please feel free to send us your CV or LinkedIn profile and we’ll let you know if anything suitable comes up.

Where do you see yourself?

Business Solutions

Our expert in-house software development team develop and integrate applications into a range of nuanced business solutions, working closely with customers to increase productivity and profitability.

Sales & Marketing

Enjoy being part of a winning team transforming the future of businesses by delivering cutting-edge insights and a vision of what’s possible in a trusted and authoritative manner.

Technical Solutions

The highly skilled engineer team has a wealth of knowledge in the area of cloud computing, networking, storage and backup solutions – all combined to ensure a seamless technological journey for onboarding and current customers.

Service Delivery

Round-the-clock IT support to customers via remote access – the Managed Service Desk team are our first responders to effectively manage customer issues as they arise.

Professional Services

Closely engaging with customers and guiding them through a comprehensive risk-based methodology that focuses on strategy, adhering to industry regulations and ultimately helping them achieve their business goals.

Our Purpose at Intuity

We believe that every business should have the opportunity to grow, improve, thrive and prosper in a secure technological environment.

Our 5 Core Values


We put ourselves in the customer shoes to better understand either the challenges being faced or their key business objectives & goals.


Our ISO:27001 certification is indicative of our continuing commitment to excellence. Across the organisation and staff we are always looking to improve and up-skill.


We leverage our knowledge of technology to come up with innovative solutions that are designed to enable the clients to meet these objectives.


We implement solutions that benefit the client and solve their needs while working within the high standards that we hold ourselves to.


Togetherness applies across the all aspects of the business, both internally among the team and outwardly to our clients and partners. Our people are our strength and we pride ourselves on providing an environment where colleagues are friends and all team members have the opportunity to better themselves, both personally and professionally.

Always progressing

We offer challenging and interesting work across a broad variety of sectors. Our greatest asset is our employees and we want to ensure you have the freedom and flexibility to develop your skill set. Alongside a competitive salary, we deliver the following benefits.


We offer remote/hybrid working options, access to the onsite Intuity gym, employee pension scheme, Spectrum Life Wellbeing & EAP Programme, Adventure Days, Family Day, Team Sports Events, Staff Canteen and an active sports and social club is available to encourage health and productivity.

Rewards & Recognition

Our staff are rewarded and recognised regularly for their efforts to deliver on the promise of technological innovation to meet client objectives.

Training & Development

Hands-on learning, paid certification to upskill and develop new skills, career coaching, support from a close-knit group of colleagues and access to a team of experts – leaders in their respective fields.

Making time for fun!

In addition to our team building days our sports and social club organise a broad range of events, activities and trips. We also support several charity events each year so there is something to suit everyone.


Get ready to start your journey with Intuity Technologies. Email a copy of your CV to HR@intuity.ie today.