Control the Controllable

Control the Controllable


Last month’s Cyber Hygiene blog talked about the importance of mindset in practicing proper cyber security hygiene.

Here in Intuity, we first achieved our ISO:27001 certification in 2011. Part of achieving this involved a shift in mindset for our team. We have been living with the culture change for so long that a lot of the measures we take are very seldom obvious to us, they just make sense.

Our mantra is control the controllable. Think about your work environment.

Not everything here will apply to your company but try and think of some questions relative to your setup such as:

Building security:

  • Is your server room access controlled?
  • Is there a shared comms room for several businesses in one building?
  • If you are in a shared comms room, does your network have a separate cabinet?

Access to network by external entities:

  • Do you have guests coming in to visit regularly?
  • If they have a presentation, how do they display this?
  • Do you allow USB keys to be used on your network?
  • Can the presenter email the presentation ahead of time?

Visible Data Security:

  • Does your company operate a clean desk policy?
  • Is it possible to walk to a printer in your organisation and find something sensitive that somebody else has printed?
  • Do you ensure that staff do not write passwords on post its and stick them to the monitor?

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