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One of the greatest threats to information security very frequently comes from within the
company or organisation itself. One of the best ways to ensure company employees will not
make simple but costly errors regarding information security is to institute a company-wide
security-awareness training culture.

95 % of security incidents are caused by lack of staff awareness

Phishing Simulation

At Intuity we work with clients to schedule an unlimited number of regular and advanced simulated Phishing Security Tests, to assess the level of phishing risk in your business. This involves working with your team to develop templates from our library of known-to-work phishing emails or in a matter of minutes create your own custom phishing templates based on the type of access route most likely to be used on a business like yours in the sector and geographic location of your business.

Immediate Results

The wonderful thing about this campaign is that you will see immediate results – you will learn very quickly about the knowledge, exposure levels, awareness levels and response styles and rates of your team. Armed with this information you will then be able to strengthen the virtual wall of security around your business and empower your team to take control and lead with their knowledge.

What does success look like? The three R’s!

Recognise: your team will learn to recognise a dangerous or simply unusual email
Respond: the team will know who to respond – what the correct and safest course of action is
Report: they will ensure the correct people are made aware of the situation in the correct

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