Intuity Multi Layered Approach to IT Security

As part of the increasing emphasis that the Intuity team have been placing on IT Security for our business and that of our clients – we have invested considerable time in improving and expanding our IT Security offering.

Our approach focuses on three key areas which impact your business they are: 

Our multi layered security approach involves all members of our team working with your team, they will begin by:


Assessing your appetite for risk: 

Our IT Consultancy Team  will work with you in assessing your appetite for risk by reviewing and analysing your current IT set up with specific attention paid to IT Security. After carrying out a review, the team will provide expert advice and guidance on a holistic solution which will aim to improve awareness, reduce risk and drive the success of your business. They will then work with you on the very important stage of documenting and managing this change. 

Our Training & Education Team will work with your team in increasing their awareness, changing behavior and reducing risk for them personally and professionally and your business ultimately. By working on the culture within your team around IT Security, together we will make cyber threats a less likely risk for your business. 

Our Technology Team will scope, spec, install and activate our state-of-the-art solutions which will be designed bespoke for your business-set-up. This will consider everything from your operating system through to your antivirus, antimalware, firewall and intrusion detection systems. 

Because we constantly update our expertise by attending international conferences and enjoy continuous training, we will also be bringing this industry intelligence and cutting-edge technology to the multi layered approach to the latest global cyber threats such as: 

Intermittent Security Checks are the final and arguably the most potent piece of the puzzle. The team will perform periodic security checks which ensures that the client site remains secure, updated and current. This will include anti phishing campaigns to keep your team on their toes and bolster your outer perimeter: your human firewall

Periodic Security Checks

  • In addition to current Network Maintenance & System Health Checks
  • Carried out by a Dedicated Cyber Security Team
  • Baseline
  • Monthly / Quarterly Checks
  • We can start next week

The team would welcome the opportunity to talk through this in more detail with you. Simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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