How Can Schools Make The Most Of Copiers?

School must use photocopiers every day that help communicate with students, parents and teachers. Thousands of papers can be copied in a day by schools, and each copy must provide the right information to the people in the school. One good copier makes all the difference, but the copier must be used properly when it is installed. This article explores where to install the copier, how to use it and how to manage the rate at which teachers make copies.

#1: Where Do You Install The Copier?

The copier in your school must be installed in the teacher workroom. The workroom is a place that every teacher visits by the day, and the workroom is the easiest room to access. Teachers enter the room to get their mail, check for extra information and the make copies. The copier will be a focal point of activity in the workroom, and everyone will know where it is. Parents, volunteers, students and administrators can access the copier without much trouble.

#2: Who Can Use The Copier?

You can control the copies that people make by setting up private accounts for every teacher. A code is required to access the copier, and everyone who has a code will have their copiers tracked. A report can be printed from the copier at any time, and you may review the rate at which copies are made. The copier itself is much more useful when you have a clear understanding of how much everyone is using it. You may set new rules for using the copier based on the data you collect, and your staff will understand how many copies they are allowed to make every day.

#3: How Should It Be Used?

Copiers in your school will turn out to be more functional if you are using it properly. The copier must be used gently, and the feeder tray should be used as often as possible. The feeder tray prevents problems, and the copies will come out right the first time. Your teachers must be trained to use the feeder tray to create front and back copies, and the side feeder must be used for especially thick paper. Any teacher who assumes that all paper can be used in the same way will jam the machine. Repairing a copier is very expensive, and you must avoid situations that force you to spend money on copier repair.

The copier you install in your school must be used to help further your educational pursuits. There are several ways to install your copier, and you must choose a room that offers easy access. Everyone in the building will benefit from the copier, and everyone who uses the copier will receive proper instruction.

You must spend money on a copier that you believe will benefit everyone in your building. Set up copier procedures that help protect the copier from major repairs, and offer a code to everyone who works in the building. A good quality copier helps your school educate students properly every day.

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