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How to Bind Your Documents

If you are a business owner, you know how important a well put together presentation is and how having your documents properly binded is a reflection of your company. Organising properly binded documents creates a lasting impression on the recipient and therefore should be done in a very professional manner.

Although many companies have shifted to sending documents electronically, there are still several companies that heavily rely on the use of hard copies.

If you’re in an industry that still relies on binding hard copies (such as legal, accounting, finance, tax preparation or education,) you may find this information to be useful to you.

Types of Binding

There are three main types of binding to choose from for your finished product. These include

• Wire Binding
• Coil Binding
• Plastic Comb Binding

Wire Binding: Wire binding is known as the most secure and professional looking binding in the marketplace. Its finished product is much more professional than any of the other forms of binding.

Coil binding: Coil binding is a very popular form of binding and is used very frequently by educational systems.

Plastic Comb Binding: Plastic comb binding is typically used more by planners and consultants because it is both durable and long-lasting. It also comes in a variety of colours and sizes, making it much more flexible and easy to add or remove pages after documents have been bound.

The plastic Comb was formally the binding method of choice. However, it is being phased out and replaced by the wire or coil binders.

The Best Way to Bind Documents

The best way to bind documents is by using a machine, which creates an evenly binded document every time. This could be done in a print shop or by using a machine designed for the home or office.

Nonetheless, although there has been a big decrease in binding in general, but it is very important that the binding is performed as accurately as the contents contained in the document. Putting in the proper amount of time and effort is well worth the trouble to ensure that your document is properly and professionally packaged.Types of Binding Machines

There are a wide variety of binding machine that are available based on the type of binding that you may be interested in. These include both manual binding machines and electric binding machines.

There are binding machines for wire binding that are ideal for high-volume binding. There’s also binding machines that are available for plastic cone binders that are designed for every day you can be the offices

All of the different types of binding machines are designed to simplify the binding process; some of the binding machines are even available with electric hole-punchers.

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