Choosing the right MPS partner for your business

There is a great choice of print suppliers open to businesses these days. But this is, by no means, an indication that choosing an MPS company is easy. Regardless of the vast amount of choice, always keep in mind: You need to work with the right managed print services provider to ensure that your company’s printing needs are met. To do this, you must be meticulous in your selection process. You simply cannot pick a company without doing your research if you want a good return on your investment.


What makes an MPS company the right one for you?


1. Provides What You Need

Managed printing companies offer a wide variety of services and solutions. However, what you want is an MPS who will able to provide the exact solutions you need such as a customised MPS program, one that solves all printing-related pain points in your business.

Of course, creating the right MPS program entails proper and thorough analysis. Therefore, it is equally important that the managed print company has a comprehensive print analysis process. Make sure you inquire about their assessment methods. And ask about what analytical tools they use.

2. Prioritise Security

We mentioned earlier that printing devices have served as gateways for hackers. So, do not forget about security when shopping for an MPS company. Ensure that your chosen partner can identify vulnerabilities in your print infrastructure that could potentially introduce risk. Your final choice of provider should also be able to provide you with the hardware and software solutions that can secure your print environment. An added benefit is a provider who has already achieved professional standard security certification such as ISO Certification or Cyber Essentials Certification like Intuity Technologies.

3. Plan ahead

When you pick an MPS provider, do not just focus on the now. Think ahead and check that they too plan.  Ask yourself: “If my business expands, can my chosen MPS company still provide the solutions I need?” Ideally, the MPS provider you choose should plan to scale with your company and assess and address your needs as they change.

4. Reputation is everything

You need an MPS company with a proven track record of delivering state-of-the-art devices and premium solutions. The team should also be known for its prompt customer service. This is essential since you want a provider that can resolve printing issues immediately.

So, find time to learn about the reputation of the company you are researching. You can ask people you know for feedback. Alternatively, you can go online and look for reviews from previous clients. These are usually found on the MPS provider’s website and on Internet-based business directories like Google My Business.

5. Experienced

The company should have years of experience providing managed print services. Becoming a leader in this sector does not happen overnight. It takes time to develop programs and processes that serve the interest of clients. Hence, put a premium on the company’s experience and as much as possible, pick one that has been in the industry for many years like Intuity Technologies.

Having been in the industry for over 40 years, we know what it means to deliver technology services. On top of the latest printing devices and solutions, we have experts who can attend to your queries and assist you throughout our partnership. All of this and we deliver state of the art Managed IT Solutions too!

You can count on us to work closely with you to come up with an MPS program that is going to improve workforce productivity, reduce print expense and secure your print infrastructure.

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