How to Fix Slow Copiers

Photocopiers are meant to help your employees accomplish tasks faster and become more productive. When your copy machines are not working as fast as they should, then they are not serving their purpose. Instead of improving workforce and office efficiency, slow copiers hamper productivity and cause employees to become frustrated. In the long run, having copiers that are performing poorly can significantly hurt your overall business performance and profits.

So, if you have slow photocopiers, it is imperative that you fix them immediately. How do you fix slow copiers? How do you ensure that they copy at an optimal speed? Below are some tips on how to troubleshoot slow copiers.

First, know that there are various reasons why your photocopier is copying too slow. Sometimes, the cause of the problem may be resolved without getting professional help. There are also cases wherein the issue may require the expertise of technicians. It is important to note that, when you suspect an internal problem is causing your copier to be slow, it is best to call your photocopier maintenance service provider. Do not attempt to fix it yourself as this might worsen the problem.

What is causing your copier to copy slow? The type of photocopier you have may be the reason for this. Generally, inkjet photocopiers, especially the older models, lag in terms of speed when compared with their laser counterparts. However, over the years, inkjet copy machines that can print at a speed of up to 75ppm have emerged. So, if you are using an outmoded copier, consider getting a newer model if you want a faster device.

An outdated print driver may also be causing your photocopier to be sluggish. Basically, when your driver is not updated, it becomes incompatible with your device’s software. This can slow down your copier’s performance or in some cases, even prevent it from producing copies. If this is the cause of your slow copier, all you have to do is to update the print drivers to resolve the issue. Simply go to the website of your photocopier manufacturer and install the latest version that is available.

The slow photocopier may also be due to something as simple as having multiple programs or applications opened on your computer. Closing the programs which you do not need, especially when you are copying big files, can help speed up the process.

Printing in duplex (double-sided) mode can considerably take more time. This is because, when in this setting, the machine flips each sheet of paper in order to print on the back side. Hence, when printing large files or when time is of importance, go for single-sided printing instead. Only do this when it is necessary though; otherwise, you’d be using too much paper.

Your print quality setting can also affect the speed of your photocopier. Printing or copying of documents in high-quality mode can be time-consuming. As an alternative, you can opt to set the print quality to normal or draft for faster copying. However, the copies would not have the best resolution. This is why this option is only recommended if you are making copies for in-office use. Meanwhile, in cases wherein the visual appearance of the document matters or when high-resolution images are necessary, use the high-quality mode.

If your photocopier persistently performs slow even after doing the troubleshooting tips above, do not hesitate to call a professional technician. Keep in mind, fixing your sluggish copiers immediately can help your employees and business perform better.

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