Boxed of office with desk

How to install office partitions

Separation devices such as these can be very useful in an office setting. You may opt for either flexible or sturdy partitions, ones that are easy to move and others that are more permanent features. If you are not hiring a professional and decide to install them yourself then there are certain steps you must follow.

1. Measurements

Your will need to measure the size of your office walls and the width in which you wish you make the partition. From this you can decipher how much material you will need.

2. Partitions

It is important to select the correct partition for you. You must decide on the cost, style, flexibility of the partitions and the ease in which they can be assembled. You might also consider any extra uses you intend for them i.e. as a book shelf. After you have done this you will need the correct tools for installation.

3. Instructions

Read and follow the instructions given to you by the partition supplier carefully. This not only results in a job well done but avoids any injuries.

4. Construction

You will need to manoeuvre the partitions in place making sure they fit between the floor and the wall space, and to the ceiling if possible. You must then secure them using screws.

What if I want to build my own Partitions?

Building your own ones may save money but will be time consuming so you should research carefully before choosing this route. If you believe in your ability to perform the task then you should have no trouble in completing your objective. This can be very useful for home offices or small business ones. Here are some helpful guidelines for successfully building and installing your own partitions:

1. Equipment

Making sure you have gathered all the necessary tools and material is essential in building your own partition. You want to have a clearly laid out plan with all the contents purchased prior to undergoing this task. This may include a screwdriver, nuts and bolts, wood, curtains, whatever you decide to use for a separating device.

2. Asking for help

This work may be laborious and require more than one pair of hands to get the job done smoothly and efficiently. There is no shame in asking for help and it will save half the time it would take to complete.

3. Assembling

The easiest methods of self-made partitions are a curtain attached to swivel rods that can be brought around the four corners of your office, ideal for a home setting, or a partition made from planks of wood the can sit steadily in place. You must first measure the space of your office area you intend to use and subsequently measure the pieces of material you will need for creating the partition.

4. Fitting

Once you have assembled your partition you must fit it to the wall or ceiling. Similar to the professionally purchased partitions, this will require some manoeuvring into place and use of screws for stability.