How To Scan Using A Copy Machine

Nowadays, multifunction devices (MFD) are fairly common in offices. Apart from creating copies, these machines may also be used for printing, scanning and/or faxing documents. The growing preference for this type of machine may be attributed to the fact that purchasing MFDs is more cost-efficient than buying a separate copier, printer and/or scanner. Moreover, it also allows office owners to save on space; instead of allotting space for three different machines, they would just need a space for one. Click here to learn more about how you can improve efficiency in your printing solutions with our FREE Print Audit.

If you have an office copy machine that also serves as a scanner and don’t know how to use it for scanning, below is a guide you could follow.

1: Load your document.

Place the document on the copier glass (printed side down) or in the feeder tray (printed side up). If you are scanning multiple sheets, place the papers one at a time on the glass or put the stack of paper all at once into the document tray.

2: Press the ‘SCAN AND SEND’ button.

3: Specify the recipient of the scanned document.

If you are sending it to yourself or someone in your office, press ‘ADDRESS BOOK’ then select from names on the list. Depending on the brand and/or model of your device, you may need to simply tap on the name of your desired recipient or press a box beside the name. Meanwhile, if your intended recipient isn’t in the ADDRESS BOOK, you’d have to manually enter his/her email address.

4: Choose your desired scan settings.

This is where you change the file format, colour mode, resolution, type of image, etc. To make the necessary changes, press ‘OPTION’ and the corresponding button of the feature you want to alter.

For example, the default format for scanned documents is typically PDF. If you want to change it to JPEG, tap on the file format button and select ‘JPEG’ from the options.

5: Scan and send the document.

Press the ‘START’ button for the scanning process to commence. Once the scanning is done, a screen containing the ‘START SENDING’ button appears. Press this button to send the file to your intended recipients.

6: Remove document after scanning.

Once the machine is done scanning and sending the document, set it to its normal mode. Press the ‘COPY’ button on the display panel.

It is important to note that the scan and send feature may not be available in some multifunction copiers, particularly the earlier models. For the older models, instead of sending the scanned documents via email, you’d have to save it in a memory media or in the network server. Meanwhile, advanced copiers like the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE models have both scan and store and scan and send features.

The process involved in scanning documents using copiers with the scan and store option is very similar to those with the scan and send feature. The only difference is that, instead of having the ‘SCAN AND SEND’ button, you’d see ‘SCAN AND STORE/SAVE’. Once you press this button, the different storage options appear – NETWORK and MEMORY MEDIA. After choosing one, select a destination folder, if necessary. Then, do the fourth and fifth steps mentioned above.

Lastly, keep in mind that features of multifunction copiers vary according to brand and model. Hence, it’s possible that certain steps mentioned here may not be doable for your copier. If this is the case, try consulting your copier’s manual or ask help from professionals.

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