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Just like a computer or laptop, a photocopier has become an integral part of businesses processes in numerous offices around the globe. As a result, employees must know how to use this type of equipment to accomplish tasks and ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly.

However, not all people know how to use a copy machine. One reason for this is that a photocopier is not as ubiquitous as other electronic devices. It is not something that people own or have in their homes unlike laptops.

There is also the fact that a modern photocopier, including the type provided by managed print services providers, has become complex to use given the various functions it performs. On top of copying, it can be used for scanning, printing and faxing.

So, how do you use a copy machine? Below is a guide on how to make copies using this all-important office equipment:

Turn It On & Let It Warm Up

Make sure that the photocopier is powered on. Plug it in and press the power button. In most photocopiers (regardless of the brand or model), the switch is found on top of the device on the control panel. In some copiers, the power button is located on the side.

In case the device is plugged in but isn’t on, it may be in a “sleep” or power-saving mode. This feature is primarily meant to reduce energy consumption while the device is on. To use the device, you need to “wake it up”. To do this, you need to press the ‘Sleep Mode’ or ‘Copy’ button.

If the device has been completely powered off (not on “sleep” mode), then you have to warm it up first. The warm-up times vary depending on the machine’s size and features. Bigger devices and those with advanced features require longer warm-up time.

Prepare the Device

Check if the right size of paper is loaded in the device. Also, see to it that the number of sheets is enough. Next, examine the document feeder or the glass platen. Ensure that these parts are squeaky clean – no marks or dirt that can compromise the quality of your copies.

Place the Document in the Photocopier

Depending on the type of machine you have, you can either place the document on the glass platen or in the document feeder.

Using the glass platen:

Lift the lid of the copier and place the document on the glass screen. There are guide marks at the edge of the glass to help you position the paper properly. The front of the document must be facing the glass. Lower or close the lid when you’ve properly placed the paper.

Using the document feeder:

Simply insert the document into the feeder. In most photocopiers, the printed side should be facing up. There are, however, some devices wherein the document should be facing down. So, before loading the paper, check the note on the feeder.

Review the Settings

The next step is to adjust the machine’s settings to meet your specifications – number of copies, paper size and colour to name a few. Below are the steps on how to change the following:

Number of Copies

On the display, you will see the number of copies to be made. The default value is usually one. To change the number, you just have to press your chosen number on the number keypad (if the copier has one). In the absence of a numeric keypad, this task can be accomplished using the arrow or plus/minus button.

Colour Preference

Do you want your copies to be in black and white (B&W) or in colour? There is a designated button for each option. All you need to do is press the ‘B&W’ or ‘Colour’ button.

Paper Size

On the display, tap on your preferred paper size – letter, legal, A4, etc. Meanwhile, if the size of the paper you are going to use is not list, you just have to feed the paper into the tray.

These are just some of the features which are commonly adjusted when creating copies. You make other changes depending on your needs and the capabilities of your device. For example, you can have two-sided copies, enlarge or reduce the image and punch holes.

Press the ‘Copy’ Button

To initiate the printing process, you need to press the ‘copy’ button. It should not be difficult to find this button since it is usually the biggest one on the control panel. For some models and brands, this button is labelled as ‘Start’.

Check Your Copies

Before leaving, check the copies to ensure that they are error-free and printed according to your specifications. If you are satisfied with the output, remove the original from the glass or feeder.

Clearly, there is no need to fret if you do not know how to use a photocopier. This is something you can easily learn and you can use the guide above.

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Image by Alan Cleaver from Flickr

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