How to Use Photocopiers Safely

Photocopiers have many uses within business environments such as duplicating numerous reports for the office quickly or producing copies of graphs needed for a presentation.
They can be an essential part of everyday life.

Photocopiers may appear straightforward to use and maintain but that is not necessarily the case. There are certain factors you must consider when purchasing a photocopier, particularly a large office one.

Toner leakage

The substances expelled from the use of frequent photocopying by the toner inside can lead to contamination of the office due to toxic fumes. This can cause breathing problems for employees who use the machine along with aggravating skin conditions and other more serious side-effects like bronchitis.
The result can be a person seeking medical care due to the chemicals inhaled and may result in them having to cease use of photocopying. If your lack of vigilance has led to your employees suffering from health problems then a case of negligence could even be reported.
The ways to avoid this is making sure the machine is put in a large area with good ventilation or you can even purchase a ventilation system to reduce toxic gas exposure in the air. You can buy ones that attach directly to the exhaust of the photocopier which is the safest way to avoid contamination.

Flame resistant chemicals

The internal equipment of a photocopier can be covered by chemicals which are used to help reduce the spread of fire which may be caused as a result of overheating or electrical accidents. They are not overtly dangerous as they tend to not last long in the air once released but after prolonged copying usage those who use the machine may notice irritations in their sinuses, skin and breathing. You can smell the release of these gases within the first few weeks of use as it smells like burning materials.
The only real way to avoid any medical accidents associated with this is to purchase a quality photocopier that provides the relevant information about the emersions produced.

Maintenance Checks

Constant use of a photocopier can lead to overheating which needs to be monitored as it can cause a lack of moisture in the air, which creates skin problems, and decreased functionality of the machine. Checking temperatures regularly will help to keep heat levels down but you might also want to invest in an air conditioning system in the room where the copier is held. When purchasing your photocopier, please make sure it is a new model with heat safety features in place such as automatic shut down when unsafe. You should always replace old copiers which have been overused and lack appropriate safety features.

Inappropriate usage

At those office parties, whether it is celebrating a national holiday, an investment in the company or a fellow employee’s birthday, alcohol consumption may lead to ideas that appear humorous at the time but the idiocy of them once awoken the next day can be a harsh realisation i.e. photocopying your body parts which can lead to the breaking of the machine or contamination.