Inkjet vs. Laser Printer

With the advancements in modern technology the printing field has evolved to offer much more variety and choice in products as opposed to merely a decade ago. Although laser printing was invented before inkjet the roles have now reversed in terms of what is seen as more modern. Inkjet is perceived as being the “common” household printer while laser technology appears to be labelled as more advanced. Below we will discuss the facts of this statement and attempt to discover which type of printer is most suitable for your needs.


Inkjet set out to be a cheaper alternative to laser printers back when they were invented but now it is a level playing field. You can buy laser printers for the same initial price as inkjet ones especially now that many are multi-functional machines offering similar features. The difference comes in the form of maintenance costs which can accumulate over time. You may regularly spend money on ink cartridges and paper for an inkjet printer but the cost of a laser printer may work out more expensive due to cost of the cartridges and parts that might need replacing.


Both types of printer obviously administer ink onto a piece of paper but they do it in different ways. Inkjet printers tend to have a more sprayed on finish which can leave text susceptible to smudges and blurry finishes. Laser printers, however, attach powdered ink carefully to the page using a toner that is unable to bleed or be smudged as the paper does not need time to absorb it. Therefore, laser is the best option right? Wrong. These facts only relate to black and white printing. When it comes to colour the methodology of laser printing can actually be a hindrance as the colour lasers do not apply the same quality as ink ones do. If you are a person or company focused on coloured images then inkjet are more advisable but if you want quality text in rapid speed then laser is a cut above.


As noted above laser printers offer higher quality black and white printing at much faster speeds, usually starting at 20 pages per minute as opposed to inkjets 5 or 6 ppm. In relation to normal colour printing of regular size font then there is very little difference in speed and quality. This information is helpful in terms of household printers but what about large industrial office ones? Well, if speed and quantity are of most importance then a laser printer is the most reliable option but if you are producing many different types of images, texts, formats and documents then an inkjet one is a safe bet.

What we can derive from this information is that there are both pros and cons to both types of printer in terms of cost, purpose and quality. If we were to make a general assumption you could say inkjet for images and laser for text but that is far too simplistic an answer, especially with the constant improvements in technology to both forms of printing. You need to do your research on any individual printer you are planning to purchase and choose the best option for you that meets all your needs.

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