Intuity Credit Union Survive & Thrive Webinar Series 2020


Intuity are long term partners of the Credit Union Industry  and in response to the current disruptive period we find ourselves, the Intuity team are delighted to share our dedicated Credit Union Survive and Thrive Webinar series which aims to set Credit Unions up with the knowledge, confidence and ability to:

  • Leverage the technology already at our fingertips.
  • Enhance their collaboration and communications habits at both staff and board level.
  • Identify the opportunities for the Credit Union Sector which the new post COVID world will present to us.


Webinar 1: Leveraging Technology for improved communications for Credit Unions                                           

In this webinar we looked at :

  • Document sharing for staff and the board.
  • Best Practice Governance.
  • More effective meetings and reporting.
  • Digitally activating and executing your strategic plans.


Webinar 2: Digital Member Engagement : The New Normal                                                                                     

This webinar included :

  • Current Digital Member engagement.
  • What a digital transformation for Credit Unions might mean
  • Gaining insights from data to identify actions
  • Demonstrating online member engagement


Webinar 3: Cyber Security for You & Your Members                                                                                                              

In this webinar we will covered :

  • The importance of security awareness for all businesses mid and post Covid-19.
  • General Secure working from home training.
  • Cyber Security Insights.

Sorry if you missed these events. If you would like to find out more or request a recording, email : today. 

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