With high-profile security breaches constantly making headlines, people are highly conscious of the very real threat of a cyber-attack and the increased need to ensure both IT and Data security for their business and customers.

Therefore, it is critical that all businesses today take the necessary steps to best protect them, their business and their staff from these attacks.

We offer a broad range of solutions to help our customers best protect against, prepare for and respond to potential cyber-attacks.

To begin we offer the following simple advice:

Look After Your Backups

We advise that you use backup software that can make a local backup to an external hard drive. This means that you can then retrieve your files should you be affected by a virus on your PC.

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Invest In Reputable, Up To Date Security Software

We have a number of world class partners who specialise in dedicated security software delivering the best results seen globally to date.  We strongly recommend a business level antivirus to offer you the maximum protection and security features.

Be Cautious With Emails And Attachments

Don’t open attachments from unknown sources or from emails that appear to be from a legitimate source but are suspicious. Even if the sender’s name looks genuine, check the actual email address before clicking on anything. You must never open an attachment that you are not 100% sure you were expecting it and want to receive.

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We work with many clients on multi- platform solutions with very specific criteria, unique to their individual businesses. Therefore, the effect that downtime has on them and their businesses differs from case to case. Our team pride themselves on our bespoke approach to each and every customer. We would be happy to discuss your business requirement and help you find the solution to cater to your needs today!

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