ITIL Diary 2 : Incident Management

In last month’s blog, we shared our strategic decision to adopt the ITIL Framework as part of our focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Intuity’s service offerings. We’ve been working furiously in the background, and in August, we look forward to going live with our first improved process; Incident Management.


What is Incident Management?

Incident Management is the process by which we will resolve service outages to reduce down- time and restore normal service for our clients as quickly as possible.


How will this work?

Sometimes, this may involve us providing a workaround, but our aim is to resolve the incident fully, first time.  After go live, when a client phones the Intuity Service Desk, we will direct the call to our team of agents, best suited to help. Our Service Desk agents will troubleshoot the issue and aim to resolve it while the client is still on the phone.  If this isn’t possible, they will ensure they have gathered as much relevant information as possible, to assign the ticket to the most appropriate of their colleagues who can take a more in-depth look at the issue in hand.


What are the benefits?

Fixing incidents as quickly as possible benefits everyone.  By activating a process where we track and measure the speed of our response and resolution, we can continuously improve and learn.  We also want to ensure that our clients get friendly and empathetic support from our Service Desk and we will be placing renewed focus on gathering feedback from our clients, as they use these services.


As with any new process, there may be some teething problems, however our ITIL project team are working to ensure these are kept to a minimum.  We know that ultimately by transforming how we deliver our services, we will improve the overall client experience and we look forward to sharing this with our clients very soon.