ITIL Diary 4 : Full Team Aboard

Change is good

The seasons are changing, and signs of autumn are all around us. Like the orange coloured leaves, smell of toasty fires, and sound of children going back to school; the ITIL project has been leading change at Intuity. With the launch of Event Management this month and the process of Incident Management settling into our daily routine there is a feeling of excitement in the air!

Training is even better!

Like students across Ireland, Intuity staff have been sharpening their minds in our own virtual classrooms. Early on, training was identified as a lynchpin to the success of ITIL, so we decided to dive right in! First, members of our Service Delivery, Sales, Training, and Management Teams completed a formal ITIL V3 Foundation Course where they were introduced to key concepts. With a good understanding of the theory behind the ITIL framework, we were looking forward to putting our knowledge into practice.

Training is an essential component of organisational change management so we knew it would play an important role in the launch of our first process; Incident Management. As we drew nearer to our “go-live” days, we executed a multi-layered training program designed to engage with a wide range of people and departments. Our training sessions were as diverse as the participants with a variety of techniques to ensure everyone was ready for a new way of working. Our Service Desk team prepared for the new phone system and ticket handling procedures with interactive workshops and our Sales & Engineering teams participated in lively discussions on how they could contribute. We focused on the “how” and equally importantly, the “why” behind what we are aiming to achieve.

Reaping the rewards. . 

Now, we are reaping the rewards for our efforts to bring everyone along on this journey. Trainees are becoming trainers and educating their colleagues. Most importantly, our customers are getting involved as well with their valuable feedback and input. Just like seasonal change, the ITIL project is continuously evolving and we are already looking forward to the next phase.