ITIL Framework at Intuity

Michelle’s ITIL Diary 

Our Head of Service Delivery, Michelle Power

Shares the Intuity Technologies’ journey of process improvements within the ITIL Framework

Starting out

Some of you may have heard of ITIL, either in your own businesses or a business that you partner with.  What is it?  ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which is a mouthful and no longer truly reflects what it means.  In summary it is a framework to allow IT Service providers align IT Services with the needs of businesses. What’s great for us about ITIL is that this framework is designed to be applied both internally, within Intuity Technologies and externally for you, our clients. It encourages consistency and continual improvement.

As part of Intuity Technologies’ focus on improving our Service Delivery and Client Service, we have embarked on a project to align our existing processes and functions to those mapped out within ITIL.

Why are we doing this?

Technology is changing so rapidly and how we use it at an even greater pace.  All businesses are in a phase of digital transformation and this process has been accelerated for all of us by events in recent months. The ITIL Framework for IT Service Management allows us to focus on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our Service Offerings to better support our clients in this fast-paced world

How will we implement ITIL?

ITIL has evolved over 30 years and ITIL v4 has been released only recently.  It is not prescriptive and has moved to focus more on outcomes, risks, costs and value.  Words which mean so much to everyone in business today and form elements of all our decision making. Intuity are adopting ITIL with a focus on what will have the greatest and most positive impact on the client. With this in mind, we are implementing the Service Incident, Event Management and Service Request Management Processes first. 

What will this mean for you?

The 3 processes that fall under the Service Operations stage of the framework translate for our clients into;

  • Incident Management: How we resolve a service outage as quickly as possible and get you or your business back up and running.
  • Event Management: How we monitor and respond to all events that occur within your IT Infrastructure to try and avoid issues occurring in the first place.
  • Service Request Management: How Intuity Technologies handle standard, low risk, frequently occurring requests for service, effective and efficiently and ensure you have the tools you need to meet your business objectives.

Each of the processes within ITIL only work if they can be measured to ensure that outputs are as expected and that we are consistently meeting our client’s expectations.

As we begin to align existing processes and develop new processes, we will share this journey with our clients, ensuring that you are informed in a timely manner on any planned changes. You may notice some changes when you contact us by phone us in the coming weeks which will help us arrive at a quicker resolution for you.  We will send details of this directly to clients in advance.

Our focus throughout this journey will remain on innovation, added value, consistency and continual improvement.