brother_pt-3600 label machine

Label Printers and their benefits for your business

The new technology enhances today’s Label makers

New technology makes Label makers today more efficient, with increased production time and a wide variety of label designs to choose for your projects. Improved software programmes provide you with capabilities that produce accurate labels for precise identification and classifications for any organisation’s commitments. Heavy-duty automatic tape cutters, built-in keyboards and date/time printing assists in printing dynamic labels for your business or domestic needs.

Increased Connectivity

Your label maker’s ability to connect through mobile technology increases its ease of use in nearly any environment. By connecting your label maker via WiFi or Near Field Communications (NFC), it expands your workspace beyond the walls of your office. Connecting your tablet or smartphone with the help of mobile apps with the newer technology to the new label makers aids in collaborative efforts of various office projects. The capacity to link to the label maker’s software allows you to utilise specific templates or create your exclusive designs. In hectic retail or hospitality environments, a portable label maker with the capacity to generate tickets or receipts can ease the pain of customers waiting in lengthy queues. This will help increase the volume of transactions. Office label makers no longer need to remain on the shelf back on the office. Incorporating your label maker along with your smartphone in your list of essential mobile tools is a practical plan.

Organisational tactics

In offices today, small businesses keep their offices organised themselves. Taking charge of your functional demands in the supply closet can be achieved with your label maker. Labelling items avoids confusion when in a rush. Have you ever grabbed the wrong paper while panicking to meet a deadline? Classifying your paper supply by labelling the various sizes as A4, A3, graph or watermark paper in your supply area can shorten search time, paper waste and stress. As businesses grow, the solution to tracking your printers, laptops, computers, phones accessories is resolved with asset tracking with barcode software your label maker creates. This helps to cut the cost of replacing lost or stolen office computer equipment.

Upgrading your Correspondence Style

Managing your correspondence is a snap with the use of a label maker. Smart envelope labels present much sharper and cleaner appearance to impress your clients. Labelling reduces the margin of error, saves time and is cost effective when the address is right at your fingertips. Organising your mail and correspondence with the new label styles and colours provides a sharp, professional appearance to file folders, CD/DVDs labels along with enhancing the organisation protocol. Labelling software also offers the capacity to create nametags for your important conferences or meetings. People will be impressed with your office’s sharp, clean style that labelling adds.

Raising Hospital Efficiency

High efficient hospitals that provide high-quality patient care utilize labelling techniques. Its effectiveness at reducing errors will astound you. In laboratories, labelling maintains and controls blood work samples and specimen containers. Maintaining a busy laboratory supply closet can be a nightmare, labelling the supplies and files is essential. Out at the nurse’s station keeping patient records and medicines for distribution is imperative. Managing medical supplies requires organisation and continual attention. The monumental need to maintain drug inventories is facilitated by labelling with bar codes for expiration dates to separating the Latex and Non-latex gloves; the supply closet is always in flux. On the floor, having the capacity to label daily patient’s medical records and medicine requirements are right at the nurse’s fingertips with distinctive size and colour labels for each item. The variation in style and colour of labels available for the new label maker helps with classifications. With your labeller sitting right on the counter, correlating the correct names and proper dosages assist in providing expert care for successful patient recoveries.

Labelling does not stop at work

Home labelling begins in your kitchen but does not end in there. The number of items that require labelling in your home is endless. As any good home chef knows, labelling your spices is essential to any good meal. Labelling can help you maintain the delicate items of your hobbies from fishing flies to sewing needles to artist paints. As the school season begins again labelling school supplies along with uniforms and sports equipment is an inevitable requirement. The various colours and types of labels available to give your items a distinct look for your child’s first day of school will amaze you. Easy access to the needed label stock and ink supplies, your label maker effortlessly fits on any shelf or cubby for immediate use in any home or office project.