Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Photocopier In Tiptop Condition

Gone are the days when businesses and organisations considered a photocopier a luxury they can do without. Nowadays, this machine is a regular fixture in offices, schools and hospitals, among others. It has even become an indispensable office tool that aids in accomplishing various tasks, from printing files to scanning documents.

Given the importance of a photocopier in your day to day business operations and the amount of money you invested on it, keeping it in tiptop shape is imperative. Listed below are maintenance tips to prevent your copy machine from bogging down and to ensure its longevity.

• Read your machine’s user manual to know pertinent information about it. This can arm you with the knowledge you need to properly care for your photocopier.

• To avoid electrical accidents, always make sure that you turn off the power before cleaning the copier.

• Thoroughly clean and inspect your photocopier every day. This simple task can significantly extend the life of your machine.

• Daily care and maintenance tasks include removing paper drawers, checking for stuck paper, clearing paper jams, checking toner levels and cleaning rollers and glass.

• Complete internal cleaning must be done at least once a year. This includes cleaning paper path and filters.

• Keep your copy machine presentable by cleaning its exterior. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe it.

• For the interior, remove dust using a soft, dry cloth. Meanwhile, for hard-to-reach areas, you may use a can of compressed air.

• An accumulation of dust and dirt on your photocopier’s glass may result in marks or lines on your copied documents. Prevent this from happening by wiping the glass using a non-abrasive cloth sprayed with glass cleaner. Never ever spray the glass cleaner directly on the glass.

• Staples and paper clips may scratch the photocopier’s glass. So, make sure you remove them before scanning or copying documents.

• A thin paintbrush is very helpful in cleaning the grooves of paper trays.

• Paper jams are often the result of toner residue and dust settling on the paper rollers. Free these rollers from dust and toner residue; wipe them with cloth dampened with water only. Unless stated in the manual, never use chemical cleaners for this component.

• Use cotton swabs dipped in water or isopropyl alcohol to get rid of dust found on the cartridge area or on top of ink nozzles.

• As much as possible, only use high quality paper as this can lessen shavings, paper debris and dust inside the printer.

• Do not load wet or damp paper into your machine.

• Always be gentle when loading paper. Moreover, never force the paper in because this can jam the copier.

• For replacements, only use top of the line or manufacturer-approved toners, inks or spare parts.

• Copier cartridges should be replaced regularly.

• Monitor supply parts like drum units. Replace them before they get worn out or broken.

• Schedule regular service maintenance checks for your photocopier. Admittedly, even if you clean your photocopier every day and observe the best maintenance practices, there are areas or parts you wouldn’t be able to clean. Moreover, there are minor problems you may not notice. This is why a regular professional service maintenance check is important. It can help detect problems before they become full blown and help you avoid spending on costly repairs.

• When your photocopier malfunctions, enlist the services of a professional technician. Professional technicians underwent rigorous trainings which equipped them with the technical know-hows and skills necessary in resolving photocopier-related problems.

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