Remote Monitoring and Management Software

Intuity’s Managed Service Desk uses world-class real-time monitoring and management software to ensure that we know about any issues on your server and network before you do.

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) can also be referred to as network management or remote monitoring software. This software is designed to help manage IT services remotely, meaning you can get real-time updates on your networks, servers, computer systems or endpoints from a remote location.

This software provides status updates on your systems, networks and also gives updates on machine health. Maintaining IT systems helps ensure everything is up to date, for smooth operation but also to limit the risk of cyber threats, security breaches or data loss.

IT Service Management (ITSM) reports on Patch Health, Server Performance, Monthly Service ticket and Asset Management are available for your records. An all in one solution to streamline the monitoring of your IT systems remotely.

Who is RMM best suited for? Remote monitoring and management is essential across all industries for managed service providers (MSP’s) and IT professionals.

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