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The Intuity approach to getting you up and running

Regardless of your reasons for remote working, getting you set up in a secure and sustainable way is our primary aim here at Intuity Technologies. It is as important to us that your set up is safe and that your team are educated about the risks associated with remote working as it is that your team can work productively, collaboratively and sustainably particularly during difficult or challenging times.

This is the approach we will take with you to get you working remotely :

  1. Security by Design

Our ISO 27001 Principles, Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability drive everything that we do and no more so than in working with our clients employing our multi layered approach to ensure they have secure access while working remotely off site. We will talk to you about everything from firewalls, antivirus, intrusion prevention, endpoint security  and wireless access points.

  1. Remote Access

As such, our Security by design approach comes to the forefront in this process and our team will speak with you about your remote access options – talking you through our solutions such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and cloud- based connectivity services for collaboration . The solution will vary by organisation, by individual and by your existing set up . Our experts are best placed to advise you on which will be most successful for your team and your business in your current situation.

  1. Specific Software Solutions :

The team will discuss the remote use of solutions such as email, Office 365 , Microsoft365 and Teams with particular reference to how you do so in a secure and sustainable way that is efficient for the business and delivers the capabilities required of the team. We work with clients from lots of different industry sectors, many of whom have specific sectoral software they must use – we will work with your particular core software applications to ensure a fluid and effective result.

  1. Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)  is a MUST for us – we review all the devices your teams will use and work with you to ensure that regardless of which device a team member is accessing at any given time, the integrity of your remote set up and the security of your online team is protected. More details on MFA here

  1. Training

Our aim at Intuity is to always reduce your risk of exposure to attack and improve your teams level of awareness thus improving your security all round. This process reduces radically the threat to your business of a cyber-attack while empowering your team through education and confidence building.

We offer a number of options including :

  1. Security Awareness Training : this is a broad Security training programme with multiple levels of sophistication catered for. Our team will customise the training to suit your team, your industry and your individual business.
  2. Phishing Simulation : Our team will work with you to coordinate a Phishing Simulation programme internally for your organisation to teach your team how to recognise potential attacks and risks, how to respond and what to look out for.
  3. Cyber Essentials Certification : Achieving certification for your company will set you apart from the crowd in a time where reassurance and trust are crucial to success in business. We are available to guide you through the certification process and to identify and/or provide any improvements to your configuration that may be identified.


And to the next level:

In many cases our clients’ business required a more in-depth approach and in these cases the team will then speak with them about other key solutions such as :

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