Managed Print Services: The Complete Guide for SMEs in Ireland

When considering investing in Managed Print Services it is important to understand exactly what this is and to consider how it could really benefit your business.

What is Managed Print Services?

The most common definition of managed print services is a service focused on managing a company’s printer fleet. However, this definition can be deceptive or confusing as it fails to truly capture what MPS is all about.

Managed Print Services are not just about managing the document output environment of a company, they also include print assessment and optimisation. Initially, an assessment of the company’s print infrastructure is conducted. This is to thoroughly understand the role of every printing device in the business’s day-to-day operations. Simply put, this service area is meant to evaluate your company’s printing processes.

Optimisation is the streamlining of the printing processes and print infrastructure. It is all about creating an MPS strategy that truly meets the needs of the company. Meanwhile, management pertains to the oversight of the print devices, ensuring their ongoing optimal performance. Each MPS provider has their own unique way of delivering this service – ours involves 5 key stages from discovery to review.

What’s the goal of an MPS?

These services are instrumental in helping companies take control of their printing. The end goal is to allow business better keep track of their print environment and consequently, reduce print-related costs and rationalise operational workflows. Doing this can result in more efficient processes and a more productive workforce.

Take note: Managed Print Services seek to eliminate print-related hassles, making it possible for the team to focus on revenue generating tasks.

Is MPS Right for Your Company?

To determine if getting managed print services is right for your business, you only need to answer one thing – Is printing an integral part of your business operations? If the answer is yes then managed print services could certainly benefit your business and you should consider this investment seriously.

Managed Print Services are not just for huge corporations with an extensive printer fleet, they are also for small and medium enterprises that rely on printing and paper documents. It’s not about how big your business is nor the number of devices you have, it’s about the impact of the improvements this printing equipment will bring to your business. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, these services are not just focused on print management. Even with just three devices in your office MPS can deliver improvements and savings.

Benefits of Managed Print Services for SMEs

Reduce Costs: Printing is a considerable cost and for owners of small and medium enterprises, managing this is a priority if they want to lower their print-related expenses.

Take care though, many businesses are unaware of how much they are spending on printer maintenance, consumables and other related products. In one recent survey, over 50% of respondents admitted that they do not know their company’s total printing expenses. This can make measurement difficult since knowing the historic spend is the initial step in benchmarking printing costs.

According to reports, almost 15% of average business revenue is spent on printing and other related activities in offices yearly. While it is easy to think that regular employees do most of the printing, top executives are as much to blame for high printing costs. Why? Over 70% of executives in small businesses admitted to printing documents at least four times a day!

With an MPS, you can determine not just the hard costs (cost of service, equipment and supplies) that make up your total print expense, you will also know the real overall cost of printer ownership – hard costs plus maintenance expense, equipment life, etc. Once your true print cost is known, your MPS provider can now proceed to identifying steps on how to lower your expenses.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), big organisations and SMEs alike can save around 30% on their overall printing cost with managed print services.

Enhanced Security

One of the least talked about but highly important benefits of managed print services is print and document security. Did you know that data breach incidents have been caused by printers and other similar devices?

Printers may be widely used in the office and therefore sometimes become invisible. To be more precise, when it comes to IT security, these devices can be last on the list. Why? Because users believe that printers and similar devices are safe from hackers. However, reports refute this with one study showing that at least 35% of security breaches in companies are due to poor print security.

As part of MPS, robust print and document security protocols are put in place to safeguard organisations from costly data leaks. For example, user authentication can be a requirement before devices are used or documents are released. This measure eliminates incidents of document theft or snooping.

Boost Productivity

Print-related tasks take up a lot of employee time daily. One of the culprits here is the make and quality of printer devices – old, poorly maintained equipment may not perform effectively or match the needs of the business.

Printing should be a simple task – one that is not time-consuming. MPS programs make this possible. With a streamlined printing process and the right devices, the time spent by employees on printing and other related tasks is reduced allowing more time for core functions.

Similarly, managed print services can lessen the workload of your IT department. Instead of troubleshooting printer problems, your IT people can focus on critical issues or projects that can advance your company.

Minimise Wastage

One of the reasons why print costs in a lot of companies is high is because of wasteful printing practices. A good example here is colour printing. Frequently employees will print documents like emails in colour even if they don’t have to. This results in wasted colour toners which further increase expenses.

Then, there is also the case of printed but unclaimed documents which eventually end up in the bin. When owners remember their document and don’t see it in the printer tray, they print new copies. All these practices not only impact the bottom line but also the environment.

Thanks to the implementation of MPS people become more mindful of their printing habits, particularly toner and paper usage. There is no denying that managed print services offer immense benefits. It can do wonders for your company, especially your revenue. However, simply getting MPS won’t cut it!

To truly reap the benefits of managed printing, you must partner with an excellent managed print services provider. So, what makes an MPS company the right one for you? Click here to find out!


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