Document Solutions for Canon Office Printers

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Print and Device Management Software

Software Solutions

Image Ware Management Console (IWMC), you can optimise the performance of your network printing devices quickly and easily using device management solutions.

Proactive, real-time device monitoring, shows users exactly where and when their jobs will be printed, while the ability to detect and identify problems minimises device downtime. Whatever the size of your computer network, you will find these benefits easy to achieve, as every function is accessible via a simple, friendly and flexible user interface. By automating many of the time consuming tasks needed to administer your printer network devices, eMaintenance leaves you free to focus on more pressing activities.

Document Management Software

For many organisations, the time wasted filing documents, or trying to find mis-filed documents is a hidden cost. Add to this the cost of compliance to data protection and other regulations, and you will see the advantages of the following two solutions which offer a return on your investment in a matter of months as well as ensuring you have a more efficient operation.

Image Ware Management Console

Software Solutions

Canon iW360, this workgroup-based system makes collaborative working a simple reality. When your team cannot meet face-to-face, this software ensures that ‘electronic cabinets’ store relevant documentation associated with jobs, which is then easily accessible. It’s flexibility extends to specific copy, fax, email and scanning capabilities, allowing for items to be sent between employees, or to customers, at the touch of a button.

Canon Therefore

Software Solutions

Canon Therefore, is a company-wide document management system that grows to meet your expanding business needs. It reduces costs and allows for the reallocation of valued resources from administrative tasks to core business activities.

Your people can access and use the information they need, processing it efficiently, economically and securely. It leads to a smarter organisation with increased efficiency.

Put simply, Canon Therefore allows you to create an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information. With it, you can capture, organise and access fixed content, images, documents, reports and other business-critical information.

Locating stored information is simple via a universal interface, or even the web, so staff require minimal training resulting in a far more efficient way of working.

Document security softwareSoftware Solutions

As companies spend more money and resources on security systems and elaborate password schemes, the humble ‘paper interface’ can be overlooked. We have solutions to prevent such security breaches.

Canon uniFLOW  saves organisations time and money by providing effective controls over the entire system of printers and multifunction printers (MFPs). It includes code controls, authorisation and tracking.

uniFLOW is available in different versions with different capabilities depending on the size and needs of the organisation. It’s web-based architecture allows the software to be run across multiple buildings, locations or sites.

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Making every print count

Canon uniFLOW Printing Intelligence report sample

Canon uniFLOW for Small Business Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Printing

Canon Security & Cost Control Pack(SCCP) reduces print costs, increases awareness of  & protects confidential information. It increases print cost awareness and reduces costs by displaying messages as well as usage statistics when users login on the printer device.  Monitor usage with detailed activity tracking for cost savings. Keep information confidential with flexible secure printing from any printer device. Simple yet powerful serverless solution.

Information Capture Scanning Software


Software SolutionsA smart and simple way to create and manage scanned documents. It is an easy to use system for managing any type of paper documents into an electronic format that effortlessly integrates into all business applications. It connects your digital printer or scanner to your company’s e-mail and other networked enterprise applications, for low-cost, easy, instantaneous distribution and management of electronic copies of paper documents in black & white or colour.


Software SolutionsIRIS is an advanced suite of capture tools that scans and extracts key information from documents to connect and integrate with your back office in real time.By automating your manual processes, IRIS unleashes new heights of efficiency, and enables faster, more informed decisions for better results across the board.IRIS can benefit core business functions such as finance, legal, Information Technology and any highly manual or complex processing environment


IRISPowerscan is a scalable, production capture solution designed to transform paper-based documents into valuable digital assets at speed. Its powerful text recognition engine has extensive language support for over 137 languages, ideal for multinational organisations working with documents in many languages.


IRISDocument is a powerful document conversion and compression solution that accelerates the transformation of documents. Designed for around-the-clock batch processing, IRISDocument runs in the background as an unattended, server-based solution.


IRISXtract is a highly intelligent classification platform that identifies documents by type/category in order to assign the document and/or content to various business processes. After the documents have been assigned, the automatic extraction of the data necessary for the respective business process is carried out, and the collected data is then transmitted for further processing into the desired enterprise application such as ERP, CRM, ECM, BPM, DBMS etc

Personalised Communication Software

Software Solutions

Planet Press Suite, this intelligent software suite offers everything you need to create relevant, effective and highly personalised communications.

Variable data printing is now more viable than ever. From design and data processing to print and distribution, this Planet Press suite offers everything you need to create effective, targeted communication.

Planet Press Suite provides document design tools that allow you to easily and automatically create communication that’s personalised to the needs of every customer.  Pre-defined rules determine what content is appropriate, as well as determining how the content is placed on each page.

This fully automated process allows you to incorporate Windows documents, PDFs, charts, graphics and barcodes, for highly effective, targeted communication.

Combine transactional information (such as an invoice or bank statement) with relevant marketing information to create attention-grabbing trans promotional communication – improving customer response rates and increasing revenue.

By automating operations for capturing, formatting, processing and outputting documents, Planet Press Suite improves productivity. Combine with Canon’s high quality print engines and there’s no longer a need for pre-printed stationery, cutting the costs of storage and wastage.

Planet Press Suite integrates seamlessly with existing business applications, without the need for expensive re-programming. Data streams and types from virtually any source can be used for maximum versatility.