Windows 7: End of Support – January 2020

Microsoft are ramping up their awareness campaign around the impending End of Support deadline for Windows 7. This should concern all users who are currently running on the Windows 7 operating system as the deadline date of January 14th 2020 is fast approaching.  Considering Windows 7 is still used daily on roughly a third of all Windows PCs in Ireland, Intuity are strongly advising that businesses start planning this transition now.

What does this mean for your business?  

  • Less Security: Computers running older versions of Windows are more vulnerable to ransomware and other cyber threats. 
  • Less Compliance: As you are aware, with the arrival of the GDPR, every organisation holding information about employees, customers and suppliers is legally obliged to protect this data. This means organisations have a general obligation to take technical and organisational measures to show they have considered and integrated data protection into all processing activities.


So what’s next?

We recommend upgrading to Windows 10. We have outlined some of the considerations for an upgrade project in our recent blog. For a lot of small businesses it may feel like it was only recently that Microsoft forced the upgrade from XP. There are indications that Microsoft are moving away from larger version releases and will instead keep the Windows 10 operating system up to date with regular software updates, much like your Android or iOS phones. There are many benefits to upgrading and we outline some of them below.


Windows 10: Microsoft’s most secure operating system ever!

  • Stay up to date – stay secure with automatic updates. You’ll get new features and latest security enhancements to help ensure you’re always protected.
  • Windows Defender Antivirus – Keep your PC safe with trusted antivirus protection built-in to Windows 10.
  • Windows Bitlocker and Bitlocker-To-Go encryption included with all Win10 Pro machines.
  • A host of other security features such as parental controls, Windows Firewall and Find My Device and Windows Information Protection to name just a few.

For more more detailed advice on implementing your migration away from Windows 7 feel free to contact one of the team or check out our dedicated blog post for more information on the Windows 7 end of support deadline.

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