Microsoft TEAMS: Uniting your Workforce in Hours

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Why Microsoft TEAMS is the Digital Swiss Army Knife your Firm Needs

Our guest blog this month is written by Colin Burke,

Head of Innovation Solutions for Ireland/UK with our partner LiveTiles.


Microsoft Teams usage is exploding across the globe right now, with up to 75 million daily active users at the last count. Many companies, like ours, use it not only out of the box, but also find other ways to integrate it as well as augmenting its capabilities tailored to specific business needs and challenges.

Unite your work-from-home employees

In the face of the Covid-19 health crisis, businesses the world over are met with the sudden uncertainty of a disconnected workforce. MS Teams has become the go-to solution for many businesses needing to normalize the shift to working and collaborating from home. LiveTiles understands the need for urgent deployment of collaboration software to the remote workforce as a core part of what we do is to help businesses to onboard and connect their staff, ensure ease of use for employees and assist in setting up collaboration systems that are secure and with good governance in place.

The Swiss Army Knife on your Computer

If you are going to be working as part of a distributed team, MS Teams is like a handy Swiss army knife with everything you need, from video, to calls, to audio, to chat. It’s an easy-to-use, intelligent collaboration hub that lets you do all the things you need to do, while supporting the transparency that’s essential for an effective distributed team.

Our in-house expert in effective digital workplaces, Garry Sinclair, is a big fan of MS Teams.

“I actually don’t think of Teams as an app. Teams is a user interface that taps into all these different features and functionality of Office 365, and through APIs integrated with other tools. I think it’s one of the key things that makes Teams such an interesting solution is that it really supports all modes of collaboration. You’ve got video, you’ve got audio or telephony, and you’ve got chat. If you’re going to be working as part of a distributed team, it’s like a Swiss army knife,” he says.

Keep your remote workforce connected

LiveTiles and Intuity Technologies are now partnered to support customers to bring together all the systems they need to create a functional intranet that will keep staff focused and engaged. Publishing, insights and metrics, organizational charts, and employee wellbeing are all covered to ensure an incredible employee experience that drives productivity and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams Support Services

“Effectively MS Teams is a hub that lets you do all the things you might need to do. It’s a brilliant bit of kit and it supports the transparency that you need for an effective distributed team. Your chats are secured and archived, all the files are in SharePoint, so you’re not using a tool where the information is disparate. That’s a big tick for Teams as well,” according to Sinclair.

The Intuity Technologies and LiveTiles digital workplace experts will help you get Microsoft Teams up and running for your flexible workforce and work-from-home employees in hours, not days.


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