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Collaboration and Security in a Scalable Serverless Environment – Microsoft365 Groups

Changing landscape

As recently as five years ago, if your business was considering upgrading its IT infrastructure, chances are, all that was required was getting a suitable spec for your server and swapping out older PCs for the latest OS. A LOT has changed over time. As reliable broadband and fibre connectivity has spread to most parts of the country, this has brought with it more flexible solutions.

While more and more innovation hubs and shared working spaces have sprung up around the country. A nation of entrepreneurs have launched new niche businesses and Ireland has become a world leader in MedTech and Bio Med innovation.

A lot of software companies began to move their applications to either cloud based or cloud friendly alternatives so the more traditional requirement for a box in the corner has diminished as other options became more widely available.

Couple this with the huge increase in cyber-crime in recent times as well as the introduction of stronger Data Protection regulations like GDPR  which have led to a lot of businesses having to completely overhaul and revisit all aspects of their IT infrastructure. 

Now, while this transition had been happening in a relatively fast way, that rate of transition changed to turbo speed in 2020 with the onset of the Covid-19 restrictions as companies all over the world sought to move staff to remote working solutions in the space of a few weeks and in some cases, days.


Serverless environment

Each user license with Microsoft 365 subscriptions gets 1TB of storage space. If you take your users and give them all individual Microsoft365 subscriptions. You can create business relevant Microsoft365 Groups. Accounts, Management, General. Create the groups that suit your business. Add your users to these groups as appropriate and now you start to see some really cool and effective benefits.

Each group gets a shared OneDrive space, Exchange mailbox, Planner, Power BI, OneNote—and, optionally, a team in Microsoft Teams. If a user is not part of the group, they will not have access or be able to see files or folders of that group.

We have been able to deploy variants of this solution to a range of our clients in a range of industries and sectors. From ecological conservation programmes to MedTech and other technology start-ups across all sectors including legal firms and construction and engineering firms.

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