Possio invented the mobile fax machine 1989 and has ever since been leading the mobile fax industry into breaking new ground.

Mobile fax solutions are common primarily in the transportation industry, in countries with poor fixed infrastructure and in mobile offices.

For the past 30 years Possio has been developing and marketing fixed and portable wireless products globally, with a genuine track record of turning customer problems into relevant easy-to-use communication products for international markets. Possio is based in Sweden.

Fax is still a very important way of communication in the world. In the more developed world fax is primarily used to collect signatures on paper remotely and more generally in the transport industry, but most offices still have a fax.

In the developing world it’s often the primary way to communicate remotely in business and government, especially if the language isn’t using Latin characters.

Mobile fax adds flexibility and it is the only alternative in cases where a fixed network is not available.

In developing countries fixed networks generally speaking are less available and expensive and mobile networks have been a preferred way of enabling telephony since many years.

In developed countries the new trend of “one phone office solutions” originating in Sweden is gaining momentum and in these mobile offices where clients are using only mobile phones, they need a mobile fax solution.

The Swedish wireless innovator Possio invented the mobile fax machine 1989 and has ever since been leading the mobile fax industry into breaking new ground:

  • 1989 Possio introduced the first analog mobile fax machine
  • 1994 Possio introduced the first GSM mobile fax machine FX1
  • 1999 Possio introduced the first GSM fax and phone machine PM70
  • 2006 Possio introduced SVEA GSM connector with full support for fax
  • 2007 Possio introduced the first mobile all-in-one fax and printer GRETA
  • 2009 Possio introduced SVEA II GSM connector adding sophisticated software support enabling the fax machines to take correction to errors in the GSM network. With SVEA II Possio also introduced Professional Services assisting mobile operators making fax services work in their networks.
  • 2010 Possio introduced Possio encrypted Private Fax solution (DES56 encryption)
  • 2011 Possio introduce VERA 3G Fax Connector which is the first stand alone paper fax solution over 2G and 3G in the world.

VERA 3G Fax connector will be perfect for mobile operators who turn customer offices mobile, says Mr Ralf Wittig, Head of products at Possio. “But interestingly enough” continues Mr Wittig, “it will also be perfect for an office in Iraq where there is no fixed network left”.

VERA 3G Fax connector is a 2G/3G terminal to which any standard G3 fax machine can be connected to send and receive paper documents.

Barry Daly

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