Modern Canon Printers & Photocopiers: Ozone emissions and reducing your green footprint

Since the modern photocopier and digital printers have become so completely ubiquitous in our jobs and in home computer use, we do not usually ever think of how the use of these machines could be affecting our environment. Did you know that these office machines produce a little bit of ozone as a byproduct of their operation? Have you ever thought of how much paper is being expended in their use? One very good reason to upgrade your printer and photocopy machines is to get more Green, that is to say, the office machines of the 21st century are designed and built to help preserve the environment like never before.

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When the Xerox corporation first introduced xerographic office photocopiers in 1959

There was no thought given to even the issue of paper waste, much less any problems in the area of the environment when it came to the “ink” medium, such as is contained in the toner cartridges these printers and copiers use. In the operation of these office appliances, an electrostatic current is produced that produces the volatile gas ozone as a byproduct. Canon has always taken these environmental issues into account in the manufacture of their products.

Ozone is unstable and can be explosively reactive

It has proved to cause some types of breathing difficulties when too much is inhaled. Of course, if you inhale toner dust, you can also experience health problems, such a getting a Respiratory Tract Infection, bronchitis, or asthma. Of lesser direct importance, so long as you use these machines in a well-ventilated area, is the carbon dioxide they produce. However, on a global scale, any increase in this oxygen-displacing gas contributes to Global Warming, so that too is a concern.

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