The Phishing Experience @ Intuity

AT Intuity : Security is King

Intuity Technologies is an ISO-27001 certified company since 2011. End user security awareness is an integral part of the defence in today’s cyber security threat landscape. We are continuously improving on strengthening the company’s culture on information security matters.  We are fully aware of the problem’s organisations face with social engineering attacks, which is why educating employees about these dangers is so important. Given our ISO 27001 compliance requirements and our need to satisfy GDPR compliance, KnowBe4 was a perfect fit in addressing these obligations.

About KnowBe4

KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness combined with simulated phishing attacks. Based on research findings, KnowBe4 have set a phish prone percentage at 37%, this is an average based on a study that analysed 6 million users over 11,00 organisations

Implementing KnowBe4 at Intuity

For the most part, the team at Intuity can be described as tech savvy, yet after completing a baseline phishing campaign,  12.5% of the company was susceptible to falling victim to phishing emails. While this figure may appear to be low, it is worth remembering that it only takes one click for a data breach to occur.

Before rolling out the platform our security awareness programme was conducted ad hoc, typically during induction and infrequently to the whole organisation. Intuity recognised the importance of implementing a well-executed security awareness platform. We were particularly impressed with the professionalism and richness of the KnowBe4 content. We were astonished by the completeness of the platform and the ease of adoption within our environment. The short and entertaining videos offered by the platform helped to drive home the key messages and occasionally were the topic of discussion in the canteen and on our virtual coffee breaks!

High Engagement levels and great results!

KnowBe4 automatically sends notifications to its users to regularly remind them of any incomplete training -a testament to the quality of the training the coverage by training campaign is above 95%. 

Intuity’s goal was to effectively train our employees to recognize and report social engineering attempts to better protect the company’s assets. This goal was achieved, and we now have an on-going security awareness training program with exciting engaging content that reinforces security issues on a regular basis.  The programme was easy to implement and after just 10 months of implementing the platform, we have reduced our risk score by 25%.

To find out more about the KnowBe4 suite of products to help your team build your human firewall or to arrange some simulated phishing campaigns for your team, contact us by email today. Or call us on 0818 987 900.