Positive Behavioural Impacts of Covid-19

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Positive Behavioural Impacts of Covid-19

At this point, we have all experienced the dramatic change in our workplace and the way we work as a result of the Covid -19 pandemic. The way we work, learn, exercise, shop and communicate has all changed for good. As a technology company, the transition to remote working was relatively simple. That’s not to say it was has not been without its challenges, but we are starting to see many changes in behaviours and competencies that will benefit us as a company in the long term.

Here are my top 5 observations!

  1. More Engagement

There is no doubt that the last 2 months has changed the way we work for the long term. Over 60% of our employees have already provided feedback that they would like to continue remote working long term. Remote working has very quickly become the new norm. Our inclination to over-communicate in the first few weeks has adjusted, and we have experienced better communication and knowledge sharing. That’s not to say there is no room for improvement, there is always room for improvement when it comes to communication within an organisation. However, a more conscious decision to check in more regularly with team members has resulted in better communication.

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2. Focus on Productivity & Flexibility

There is no doubt that everyone’s comfort level around technology has been raised. Remote working has challenged us to consider the way we work and develop new rhythms. While maybe not perfect, each of us have at least taken time to reassess and plan our days working from home. Our survey results show that staff are feeling more positive and productive about working from home. Teams are collaborating from a distance and managers are focusing on measuring results based more on outcomes rather than presence in the office.

3. Conscious focus on Wellbeing

Starting with our own health and well being, we may now have a better sense of balance of what’s important to us. Madeline Bunting uses the term ‘willing slaves’ in her book about how the overwork culture is ruling our lives. This crisis has forced us to evaluate and re-adjust based on where we are needed most, looking after family members, supporting teams etc

Employee well-being and managing the stresses of balancing work-life balance has in recent years been on the agenda of most employers. However, today more than ever the focus is on helping our employees manage their physical, emotional and mental well-being. A sense of “we are all in this together” makes our mental health and well being a more open topic for conversation.

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4. Better Leadership

Throughout a crisis, leadership is more important than ever. The need for leadership behaviours that include clear communication, empathy, positive mindset and decisiveness are evident. During a crisis our true character as leaders is revealed, tried and tested. For some it is an opportunity to excel while for others it is a time to reflect and learn.

5. Resilience & Innovation

At Intuity one of our core competencies is adapting and coping, that is, we require staff to understand the needs for change and display a willingness to adapt to it. Our staff have displayed this in bucket loads. Our teams have tried and succeeded in trying new ways of working and taking on opportunities for improving our performance. We are also adjusting our working style to fit different situations. This is allowing us to be innovative and also create an environment where staff members can flourish.

Covid 19 gives any business an opportunity to re-think assumptions on their products, services and business model as well as cross-training and creating new services to be better prepared for the next pandemic.  

If you would like advice or tips on ways you can improve your staff engagement, team communication or motivation feel free to reach out to me at Aoife.mcnena@intuity.ie