A guide to scanning documents using a photocopier

A guide to scanning documents using a photocopier

Over the years, scanning documents has become an integral part of business processes in organisations. One of the drivers behind this is the need for a more efficient and secure way of handling and storing critical documents.

By digitising files, companies are able to declutter their offices and save on storage space. They also minimise the risk of permanently losing pertinent information if the papers get lost or destroyed. Furthermore, they significantly reduce the time spent by their employees retrieving documents, eliminating the need to sort through boxes of papers.

As more companies adopt a digital workplace, scanners are expected to become as commonplace as computers are in offices. However, organisations are also using multifunction devices (MFDs) instead of stand-alone scanners.

MFDs combine the capabilities of devices like copy machines, printers and scanners. Given the multiple functions they perform, MFDs can be complicated to operate for first-time users.

In fact, many employees are often at a loss when it comes to using their MFDs as scanners. If you are having the same difficulty, below is a guide on how to scan documents using copy machines or MFDs.

1. Lay the document on the photocopier.

Lift the lid of the copy machine and place the paper on the glass patent. Make sure that the printed side is facing the glass. Also, the document should be aligned with the scanner’s frame. Slowly close the lid so that the paper would not move. Another way to load your document is via the document feeder. Here, the printed side should be facing up. Using the feeder tray is ideal if you are scanning several pages. This is because you can load the documents all at once. This is not feasible with the other method as only one piece of paper can be placed on the glass panel. You have to wait for the first document to be scanned before you can load the next one.

2. Logged into the copy machine.

Most MFDs in offices nowadays have security features that prevent unauthorised logins. If your copy machine is of this type, you may need to enter your user details before you can start scanning.

3. Tap on the ‘SCAN’ button.

4. Tap on the ‘SEND TO EMAIL’ button.

The screen will require you to fill out some information including the email address of the recipient of the scanned document. Some photocopiers have an ‘ADDRESS BOOK’ feature wherein emails of people in the office are saved. You can tap on the ‘ADDRESS BOOK’ button and select the name of your intended recipient. If the photocopier does not have this feature or if your recipient’s email address is not saved in the device, you will have to manually input the details.

Note: MFDs also have what’s called a ‘SCAN AND STORE/SAVE’ feature. You can choose this option if you want to save the document instead of emailing it. Once you tap on this button, you will be prompted to choose where to store the output.

5. Review the scan settings.

Tap on the ‘OPTIONS’ button to check if the scan settings meet your requirements – colour mode, file format, resolution, etc. What if you want to make changes? You can tap on the feature you want to modify. For example, if you want to scan in colour, tap on the ‘COLOUR MODE’ button and select ‘AUTO COLOUR’.

6. Tap on the ‘PREVIEW’ button.

This allows you to view the output. It is similar to the print preview feature when printing documents. If you are not satisfied with what you see, make the necessary adjustments. Meanwhile, if everything is good, you can proceed to the next step.

7 . Press the ‘START’ button.

The actual scanning process begins when you press this button. In some devices, a ‘START SENDING’ or ‘SEND’ button appears after the document is scanned. Tap the button to send the file to your recipient. If this prompt does not appear after the scanning process is completed, it means the document was already emailed.

8. Finish the task.

Once you are done scanning your document, tap the ‘JOB FINISHED’ or ‘SCANNING FINISHED’ button. Remove your document and log out.

Keep in mind:  The scanning process may vary depending on the copy machine’s brand and model. For this reason, some of the steps mentioned above may not be applicable for you. What you can do is check the user manual of your device or call your managed print services provider

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