Service Desk Support with Remote Working

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Adapting the Service Desk to the “New Norm”

For years, up until the Covid shutdown, our customer support was phone-based and in later years, online through our various CRM tools. You may have heard of ConnectWise, this is the software package we use to log all queries received and the medium we use to support our applications and in effect, communicate resolutions to these queries.

Adapting to Lockdown

When lockdown began some months ago, we adapted our service desk support and we began to work from home. Our goal: To continue to provide our customers with a level of support similar to that which they received when we were office based, but remotely. Each support specialist has an office setup similar to their workplace, essential to success is a good broadband service. There is no longer a need for a physical phone to contact our customers as we use built in soft phones using the broadband lines instead of regular phone lines. Indeed, a soft phone provides wonderful flexibility to all our workers who can support our customers wherever there is a secure internet connection. None of us literally need to be tied down to the desk anymore.

As talk of the lockdown began, we were quick to move to home based support. Tools for the service desk such as cloud-based technologies like our CRM and softphones meant we were ready to move the goalposts as the game was still in play.

Seamless Communication with Microsoft Teams

A further adaptation of modern technology is our daily use of Microsoft Teams. Teams allows us to interact with each staff member remotely but immediately. Meetings are held without delays and information is shared securely as necessary in a manner that befits this new working norm. The option of live video calls means one can be as personal (or impersonal) as appropriate when talking to colleagues and the once dreaded commute is currently a forgotten hassle.

All in all, the change of work practices at Intuity Technologies has resulted (I hope) in a seamless transition from an office-based service to an equally personal home(remote) based service. The use of emerging technologies means we can offer all the benefits of a professional service without losing that all important personal Intuity touch. The uncertainty of the lockdown raised questions of how Intuity was to offer our traditional style of customer service. By adopting new technologies and promoting remote working, we believe the service we offer our customers is every bit as good as the alternative office-based service. We remain positive that this will continue into the future and we continue to adapt our services to ensure that our Intuity customers will have all the tools and information they need to maximise all available applications.

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