Application Modernisation

Updating current apps and data to build a cloud-first model that aligns with business needs

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Upgrade and Revitalise Your Technology Landscape

Legacy systems and non-native applications which require effort to maintain can impede a company’s capacity to grow. Capacity constraints or technical limitations can indirectly affect all areas of the business. Application modernisation is the process of updating an organisation’s current app stack and associated data, to a cloud-first model.

Cloud Migration

Every organisation will have their own blend of technologies – both on premise and cloud. Many onsite applications – especially if they haven’t been updated in a long time – are best deployed in the cloud, either private, public or hybrid depending on the requirement.

The most common apps that can be migrated include applications for:

  • .NET
  • Linux
  • Java
  • SAP
  • SQL databases

Innovation Shapes Adoption and Deployment

No organisation willingly adopts old applications to manage their data. Updating software systems, apps and tools as those technologies advance is critical for data security, speed and consistency.

One approach to tackling the dynamic challenge where older legacy systems are involved is to start again – building or buying new apps that are compatible with the most current technology stack available. However, this approach can be both costly and time-consuming. Things move fast in technology with the landscape constantly evolving.

An alternative approach is to modernise existing apps. This is often more practical, and doesn’t need to be executed with sweeping changes, but instead in stages. For example, moving applications from on-premise to cloud is a significant but important leap which immediately leverages the benefits of cloud-based technology.

Scan Assessment

Every organisation has a unique suite of applications in various versions or states of development. Some apps will natively integrate with one another. Other applications will operate in a silo. Understanding the delicate balance of how it all fits together is what we do.

By scanning your tech stack, we can quickly ascertain the key components, where improvements can be made and most importantly, how modernising those applications can positively impact KPIs for your business.

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