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Industry-leading Microsoft technology which enables a collaborative approach for credit unions to implement digital transformation

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Hive – A Collaborative Platform for Credit Unions

Intuity has partnered with the Solution Centre to develop Hive, a collaborative platform built on industry-leading Microsoft technology allowing credit unions to implement digital transformation.

Solution Centre is a Credit Union owned and operated not for profit, focused on facilitating cooperation amongst co-operatives on projects that will have practical benefits for Credit Unions. Solution Centre develops specialist products, supports and solutions to enable Credit Unions to sustainably grow their business.

Benefits of the Hive for Credit Unions

  • Know your members
  • Build strategic plans based on real business intelligence
  • Direct marketing based on sales data and attribution
  • Understand more about your membership for service provision and product design
  • Benchmark your Credit Union against other participating CUs

  • Makes the Credit Union available for the member when and where needed
  • Gives a better and more seamless process to improve competitiveness

  • Communicate with your members when they need to hear from you
  • Use multiple communications channels
  • Outbound marketing bespoke to member needs
  • Automate marketing communications
  • Direct marketing with live data

  • A flexible platform with easy connectivity means easier integration with other services
  • Offer services at a time and place that suit your membership
  • Plug into the developments in Fintech to offer members more
  • Create new services and products that meaningfully help members

  • As membership grows, ‘knowing’ members becomes difficult. Hive helps staff to develop those insights
  • The virtualisation of processes such as AML gives your staff more face time with members
  • Enables the Credit Union advantage – Personal Service

  • Questions like “How can we better serve our members?” can be answered with real data
  • “How can we better serve the community?”
    Investment in marketing can be properly assessed
  • Benchmarks with other participating
  • Credit Unions create a national picture for big questions
  • Collaboration directed by business intelligence
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Hive Training

Intuity offers a range of Hive training options for Credit Unions. All Hive training courses are aimed at guiding users on how to best navigate around the system, upgrade their knowledge and learn new skills to ensure every Credit Union is getting the most out of the platform.

  • Introduction to Hive
  • Create records
  • Search functions
  • Recently used
  • Work a Lead
  • Member 360 form
  • Work an Opportunity
  • Creating Views
  • Activities, Leads and Opportunities Dashboard

  • Creating Charts
  • Building impactful charts to assist in understanding data
  • Building Dashboards
  • Gathering Requirements
  • What Power BI can provide
  • Creating and amending personal Views
  • Understanding of the data structures within Hive
  • Elements of a View Filters, Fields, Sorting, Sharing

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