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Enable rich video calling using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

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Microsoft Teams Phone supports VoIP phone calls to anyone, anytime – whether a landline, mobile phone or the Teams app is used.

VoIP technology is the transmission of voice and multimedia content across a network . It converts signals from analog to digital with many businesses opting for the service as a replacement or complement to traditional phone calls.

Key Features

Call Management

Channel calls according to your organisational needs, e.g. time, location and availability

Screen Sharing

Facilitate screen share to relay important information in real-time with clients and end users

Call Recording

Voice and video call recording functionality in the cloud for quick and easy access when you need it

Call Queues

Automate greetings, music and voicemail to personalise the client experience

Cloud Voicemail

Access to cloud-based voicemail recovery, anytime, anywhere and on any device

Main Benefits of VoIP

Connected 24/7

Call reliability ensured where your internet connection is stable


All-in-one solution for calling, chat, online meetings and collaboration.

Business Continuity

Remote, hybrid or in-office, meetings are personalised through Teams

Ease and Speed

Monitor, add and manage calls easily in the Teams admin centre

Cost Effective

Phasing out costly landlines and replacing with VoIP reduces business costs

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