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Gain cutting edge insights into current and future infrastructure projects ensuring privacy, security and efficiency with workflow automation.

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Despite the growing complexity of systems now firmly embedded in the modern workplace and layers of technology which now automate many of our tasks, little consideration is given to ensuring their optimal performance. Companies which are heavily reliant on structured systems fail to recognise the importance of allocating time and capital to future-proof and manage potential issues that can arise where demand on resources increases.

Intuity Assessment

At Intuity, we audit your existing infrastructure and help with planning and execution of sophisticated projects.

Intuity Report:

This process will allow us to provide you with a report on:

  • Current network infrastructure
  • Software audit including workstation operating systems
  • Discovery, analysis and inventory of all existing equipment
  • Ability to extend the audit to all aspects of your IT infrastructure, servers and workstations, network security devices and printers.

Intuity Advise:

Following our assessment we will then be able to advise you on:

  • A roadmap to modernisation.
  • Prioritise suggestions in order to align them with business goals.
  • Opportunities to save time and money with a reduction in administrative costs, both tangible and intangible.
  • Most appropriate hardware solutions for your business needs.
  • Improved document workflow opportunities.
  • Improved awareness of what assets your business possesses.

With increasing privacy and data security concerns…

…conducting regular IT health checks is highly recommended. It helps not only to ensure your systems are secure and data is safely backed up but it also identifies any elements of your systems and processes that simply aren’t working right or could become more efficient. Business requirements change quite frequently, but if you are using an old or outdated system it is not going to enable your business or employees to perform at their best.

The results of the audit can often highlight areas for improvement and save both time and money. This can lead to a happier team, using more efficient processes to ensure your business needs are met.

To avail of this service, you can contact one of the team by calling 0818 987 900, or using the contact form to drop us an email.

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