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Printing Audit & Cost Analysis

Many business owners that we speak with have difficulty ascertaining their exact annual printing costs each year. Our experience reveals that on average between 10-30% of printing costs can be saved, simply by managing devices and processes to optimise usage.

We offer a free, print audit service to clients which demonstrably shows sunken costs, highlighting inefficiencies and ultimately offering suggestions to curb unnecessary expenses. Several clients have reported a saving of up to 60% post-audit by following our recommendations.

Detailed Reports

  • Accurate and sustained measurement of the volume of printing across the network.
  • True realised breakdown of document output costs
  • Ongoing and historical printing costs
  • Discovery, analysis and inventory of all existing equipment

Expert Advice

  • The optimal print solution for your business needs
  • Identification of opportunities to save time and money while reducing admin costs
  • Best-in-class hardware solutions for your company
  • Improve document workflow opportunities

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